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2023 - Week of My Birthday


Work: It was an in-office work day and I could hardly focus on anything, so it was a good thing that I had cleared a lot of my inbox on Friday. I did get notes to help me later with my first tender document at least.

Home: I dropped by a shop to replace my 510 CBD set up, which I had lost in the park on the weekend or somewhere else. I really have no idea where it got to. Since I'm allergic to Plaquenil a.k.a. Hydroxychloroquine, my options are limited in managing Sjogren's. I got a cute rainbow one that I like better now that I'm used to it. Being a goth comes with having so many black items that it can be hard to locate them at times.


Work: I could focus quite a lot better, but most items are waiting on someone else. I started making changes to the tender document, but had to fight with the template some. I eventually figured out that I had to force the numbering to make it do what was needed.

Home: In the evening, I visited friends. This was partly to get my passport documents signed, but also to see how they were doing. One of their kiddos thought it was pretty cool that I could turn his snake puzzle toy into a whatever-this-thing-is called:

It was so good seeing them. It had been a while. We used to get together a lot more.

I saw three lightning bolts at once near Billings Bridge while I drove home!


Work: I was able to focus on the tendering document I'm preparing. It wasn't a busy day, which was nice given that I haven't had much time to breathe in recent months.

Home: For my birthday this year, I decided to do a full wheel tarot spread. I also wrote myself a letter to be read when I'm 50. I played with my melodica. I'm trying to figure it out for an upcoming Queer Jam. I was going to bring my ukulele to it, but I don't really enjoy playing stringed instruments and I just want to focus on keyboards and synths. I picked up some groceries and pho. Dinner was pho while watching the original 1954 Godzilla on Crave. I'm glad I finally saw the original. I plan to watch all of them in the coming weeks.


Work: I had more things to do at work, though not a lot more. It was hard to focus with the threat of tornados about, but I'm nearing completion of my first tender document.

Home: I made use of the visual timer I got myself on Prime day. I had been wanting one, but hadn't got around to it. Anyway, this let me squeeze some editing in before streaming without getting so caught up that I would forget to stream. I'm still working through Rise of the Tomb Raider and loving it.


Work: Had a really good chat with a colleague. So many people I work with are awesome humans and are so helpful as mentors. I feel truly fortunate to work where I do even when the work itself isn't all that exciting.

Home: Noon came quickly and I worked on this blog some. I was looking forward to softball despite how warm it was going to be. And it was pretty warm at the start until we found some shade to hide in. I played catcher, which I enjoy a lot. People told me I did a good hit. The thing about softball is that you don't get to see when you do a good hit because you're busy running to first base. You have to trust other people. I don't trust easily, but I have a wonderful team and so many of the people in my ball league are really kind. That helps.


I went out with friends for my birthday for dinner and Paint Nite. There was the right level of drunken fun had. Someone had sat children near us, which may not have been the best call as we had some very adult conversations in hopefully the vaguest of ways to avoid corrupting them. Despite my pleas for no gifts, I was given the coolest curling mug:


In the morning, I watched the recording of the celebration of life for the friend lost earlier in the month. Tears were shed as I listened to others speak about how truly wonderful of a human he was. And he was. It hurts so much that he had so little time here while awful people get to continue being awful.

I dipped in and out of Dino Club on Twitch as I just wasn't feeling up to the level of chaos. I visited another friend's stream for a bit and then I just took a break altogether. I returned in time to discover that the night's dinner was pizza, which I had everything on hand for. It was a bit warm and I was a bit headachy, but I did some chores, some planning, and some gaming.


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