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2024 - Week 17

Arts & Crafts I've begun a new project. It's a crocheted table runner for the dresser in my hall. I only know the one basic crochet stitch, so it won't be super fancy, but I'm thinking I'll go around it in a second colour then back around in the first and that may make it look more complex. If I ever finish it. Despite using stitch counters, which keep breaking, I keep having to recount. I have metal ones coming, but I'm not sure why the size keeps changing. I think I have an idea at how to make a lacey edge with chains. It's an area that has been a dumping ground and I'm wanting to clean that up. I have a cute rainbow pillow that will go there. I didn't make it to craft night this week as I was quite exhausted from the rest of the week. Craft night is changing to Mondays in the coming weeks as we are changing locations. It will be free and an ultra safe space for queer folks, so I think it's an excellent move. Decluttering & Minimalism N

2024 - Week 16

Arts & Crafts I turned a first crochet square into a basket. Because I couldn't figure out which hook size was used to make it, I knitted the sides. I thought it was my red hook, but it wouldn't come out the same size. Perhaps my tension has changed since I made it. At any rate, knitting it allowed me to just knit until I had the area of all the sides. Then, I used scrap fabric as interfacing for added sturdiness. I had some pink polka-dotted fabric for the final layer.  That first basket is partly a proof of concept for a future project that I'm developing a pattern for. I'm really excited about it. On stream, I learned that iron on interfacing will absolutely NOT work. I wasn't surprised, but that means I either need to use some other fabric in between or source some regular interfacing to give it more structure. No worries. The iron on stuff is good for making patches, so I'll keep it for that. For the other project, I think I want to use plastic canvas b

2024 - Week 15

Arts & Crafts I'm casually knitting toys. I should have the first one done soon. It's around bean bag size. I think I'll want to make bigger versions eventually, so they're more huggable. I'm also really gung ho to work on baskets. I acquired a bunch of patterns for a wide variety of them, which were mostly free. I was in the mood to finish other projects this week, so I completed my donut coaster. One sprinkler is sus and so is the bread part of the donut, but the icing went fairly well, so my crochet is improving. I still don't love it. Maybe I'll just prefer the basic crochet rather than the fancy stitches that mean way too much counting for me. I wove in the edges of my PWHL Scarf to make it ready for blocking. Maybe I should block the part of my coast that looks wonky. Decluttering & Minimalism This photo might not look like much, but I've been needing to reconfigure this cart for a couple of months, but I was too injured to do it. My counte

2024 - Week 14

Arts & Crafts I found myself overbooked again, so I bailed on the queer craft night. I quite enjoy it as a respite from the busyness of the week usually, but in this particular week, I felt like I needed to reclaim an evening. I ended up knitting anyway while watching women's hockey. I finished my PWHL infinity scarf. It needs to be blocked and such before I can wear it around. I've begun a new knitting project. I'm working on some stuffed toys. Dating & Sex The Lez Go Singles event was on Friday. Honestly, I wasn't getting my hopes up too high. I've went to a lot of events like Speed Dating and not met the right women for me. Often, they wanted to use me to get connected in the artistic community, had nothing in common, were polyamorous, or were way too young. We played some games like This and That, a bingo card where we had to talk to people grouped with us for a round, hot potato with the DJ who I know from softball, and a general ice breaker question ro