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Under Siege

My city is under attack. I wish I was being facetious.  The so-called "freedom" convoy is here and so far this is what has transpired: 1. They parked on the war memorial. These people who call themselves patriots. This is where the Unknown Soldier rests. This is where Corporal Nathan Cirullo lost his life in October of 2014. The cars were towed, but who knows what actual repercussions they will face. 2. Later, when asked to move away from memorial, one stood and jumped on the tomb itself while others cheered.  3. Despite having port-a-potties provided for by the mayor, they've been defecating on Parliament Hill, in snowbanks, and on streets nearby.  4. Flags being flown include the Confederate flag of the United States, Trump flags, the Quebec equivalent to the Confederate flag, upside down Canada flags, regular Canada flags, Fuck Trudeau flags, libertarian flags, and ones adorned with swastikas. Yeah, this is totally about freedom rather than racism, white su

The Void

I sit and stare at the empty page. Or is it staring at me?  The cursor blinks, beckoning me to type.  But the words I place here won't fill the void in my heart. Rest in peace, mom.

Joining a Household

Recently, a good friend asked if I'd like to join their household since I've been dealing with the pandemic alone. Living through this without much of a local support network has been mentally tough, so I gratefully accepted. Tonight, we played a boardgame. The actual plan was for me to come over after dinner, but they had car trouble, so I gave one of them a ride home from work and we ate and had some drinks. The game is an introduction to Dungeons and Dragons called Adventure Begins . It was pretty fun. There are 4 characters with a couple of options in how they can be played. There are several different situations like monsters to battle, some that need help, and opportunities to come together as a group. Also, fun fact that not many commonly known words rhyme with dragon. It was a a nice and short game, which was perfect to play with young children. It's a lucky thing that I brought my booster device and had them plug it in to charge despite that a mechanic

Inching Forward

Sometimes I feel desperate to be anywhere than where I am. I have so many goals and it can be hard to realize that the journey is part of the magic. I suspect I'm not alone in this feeling, especially since the pandemic. I'm currently working through the second half of my office reno. The wall paint is done. I really want to be on the other side where it's how I want it to be. I often feel the same way about skating, music, getting a pet, having a partner, and my first novel. Pretty much anything I undertake really. Speaking of the novel, I'm on a brief pause while I finish my office as it's my workspace. Onto prepping for painting the trim Thursday and then hopefully hanging the wallpaper by Saturday. Once that's done, I can complete the reorg and spend the weekend editing. I had hoped to be a little further along, but when you live in a 520 sq ft condo and have to move things out of a part of it, it becomes rather like Tetris meets Jenga and it took a bit to f

Home Sweat Home

I figure it's time to talk about the state of my home. It's not good. It hasn't been for awhile. I've been fighting to get it organized and for quite some time I just didn't know what to do. I've been decluttering for the entirety of the pandemic. There is less to get rid of now, but everything is a mess. Up until recently, I didn't know what to do with any of it. Did I have too much furniture? It was unclear.  I haven't been using what I have to its potential. Like I still have my old desk. I've been keeping it for crafting. But I've been keeping it in my bedroom. Do I craft in my bedroom? No. I craft in my office. Even when I wasn't attending craft nights on Zoom, I wasn't crafting in my bedroom. It was this fantasy I had. So I thought about it more and realized that if I tweaked my office environment, my old desk would fit in it. And if I got clever about it, I wouldn't have to get rid of too many books. I may also come out of it w

Getting Fit in 2022

There was a bit of decluttering during my holidays that was promptly brought to donation as I wanted to get it done before I got my Covid booster shot in case it was hard on me. I barely felt it and only had a bit of a sore arm, but it was tame in comparison to the previous shots, which hurt so much I couldn't use my arm and felt nauseous from the pain. The day after, I was able to make it to my appointment and retrieve my trial CPAP machine. The first night, I barely slept as the automatic pressure was so high that I felt like I was a balloon being blown up. I quickly figured out that the mask needed tightening. But then I had another problem. My mouth was terribly dry. Groggy, I found the setting for increasing the humidity as having a drink of water. But I still struggled the rest of that night as it would ramp up the pressure too quickly and startle me each time I was just falling asleep. Once I reached the minimum time I needed for the trial compliance, I slept without it. The

2021 Accomplishments

Before I get into the percentages, I just want to say that I'm content with what I accomplished and what I had to postpone. I also changed roles at work twice in 2021 and did a lot of self discovery. These things were integral for my mental, emotional, spiritual, and sexual health. And those are more important than anything else as they serve as a foundation for achieving anything I set my mind to. How I Did Bathroom Reno = 95% There is only one thing left in my control to do, which is fixing how the door closes. I live alone and we're likely heading for another lockdown, so it's OK that it's going into 2022. The rest will be done by Bathfitter around February. Blogging = 31/52 or 60% Given that I only started this part way through the year, I think I did pretty well. Office Reno Part 1 - 88% I started this partly because I wanted to be working in a nicer space and partly because I needed to do something while waiting on my condo to deal with my previously moldy bathroo