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Where have I been?

Hi! Sorry, I've not been blogging lately. Why not? Well... I've been painting my condo living/dining room. The living room has two walls left and the dining room also has two walls left. I also caught up on some TV shows I happen to enjoy. I'm not ashamed to admit that I watch television from time-to-time. I enjoy stories and the medium doesn't have to be limited to text for me to enjoy them. I've been reading books by other Ottawa-area authors. I've also been writing... sort of. Well, planning to write may be more accurate. I've been pondering my NaNoWriMo piece and intend to come up with a plan for it soon. I've started putting a plan together for a sci-fi conspiracy story that's been rattling around in my head. And, I've been stuck. My main novel, whose working title is, "Scion," has had me stuck for a little while. Here are the reasons why, I think: 1. This first reason I feel rather silly about. I had a character tell my protagonis

Double Wedding and Roy Family Reunion

Daddy and I trekked up to Northern Québec on the weekend. After Témiscaming , on the way to Laniel , there was no cellular service. This was the second time in my life, since owning a cell phone, that I've ever lost service completely. The first time involved a trip to Smoky Falls , which is an Ontario Power Generation site in between Kapuskasing and Moosonee . I don't mind losing service as I enjoy getting away from technology and just kicking it with nature. I checked periodically for service out of curiosity and in case we ran into any trouble, so I'd know where to run to and call for help. Around km 42, I started to see hints of service. It was just a tease though. The roads were full of hills, twists, and rock cuts. My dad says when you have a rock cut on either side of you, it's called "Hell's Gate". He's Catholic. I lost service again by St-Édouard-de-Fabre . It became farmlands. Gas prices were insane! 138.9 for regular and diesel was oddly t