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DIY Monitor Stand

On the 18th, I was up early and ready to go shopping at 7:00 AM for the items I needed to get several things done, but my nose decided that bleeding was going to be a thing. To be fair, I had woken up with a bloody nose, but I thought it had stopped until I was almost done clearing my car off and my nose seemed to start back up. Despite no tissues in my car, I luckily made it through the scraping of the windshield, but I'm sure any neighbours who were up likely thought it was odd that I warmed it up and cleaned it off only to turn it off and go back inside. The offending nostril was all blocked up after and I didn't know if I could trust it while shopping, but I had things to do, so I grabbed tissues and headed back out! Unfortunately, this nosebleed thing happens quite often with Sjögren's Syndrome . Especially in winter with the dry heat from the electric baseboard heaters that are in my condo building. I miss gas heat. It didn't dry me out as much. A cheap way to hel

Update - Week of February 13-19

Normally, I repost my post on Superb Owl on Superbowl Sunday. I was busy curling and then it was Dino Sunday. Friends of Danielle Allard gather together virtually on Sundays after her usual stream and we play games or watch movies on Discord. It's something I look forward to every week as it's a time to fit in some relaxation and her community is lovely. Lately, I've been quite busy. I've made some key progress in my declutter. The more I get done with that, the more my mind can focus on my creative projects. I've figured out what I need to do in order to fix Sparker and truly get it ready to query potential publishers. I have a lot of work ahead on Sparker , but now I know what I was too stressed out to think about before. The declutter will hopefully be complete in time for a friend's visit in March. Last week I went to a speed dating event hosted by Ding Dong Dating and I had a really good time. Later this week, I'm meeting up with one of the women for

10 Clues That I Was Always Gay

Sometimes, when one looks back, they can see things about themselves in a new light. Hints that I was gay were there, but each one alone could be seen as completely within the realm of heterosexuality. When I see them all together, I can see that it's more likely that I was always gay and hadn't figured it out. 1. I was a tomboy. Yes, there are tomboys in all sexualities, but it's a little extra common for lesbian and bisexual or pansexual women to lean toward the boyish things. I thought boys always dressed cooler and looked comfortable. I hated playing house. Why would I want to spend my fun time cleaning when we could have an adventure? 2. Sports are something I've often enjoyed playing even if I was pretty trash at them when I was in elementary school. I suppose it's not common knowledge, but I often met up with friends as a preteen to play catch, baseball, frisbee, etc. I enjoyed martial arts. I played roller derby until I was injured. Now I do curling in the w