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2024 - Week 25

Arts & Crafts  Craft night didn't happen this week. I was the only one who showed up. As nice as the woman at the library is, I'm re-evaluating my own attendance since this happens far too often. There's another group that meets monthly and is easier to fit into my schedule, so I'm looking into that. Decluttering & Minimalism  On the digital end of things, I replaced the Goals tag with Goal Setting & Tracking. I also made a template for the blog. It's not great. It just lets me skip typing out the headers I use in nearly every post, but I still have to format them into the header format. Still, it's helpful because Blogger has this feature I find annoying. What is it? It doesn't show the outline of the box where posts are typed. I want lines, but there is nowhere to turn that on in the settings. Anyway, I'd make the template better, but it only accepts basic text. I have some things I want to do, but they require my drill and I don't know

2024 - Week 24

Arts & Crafts The problem with my Perler bead crafting may be that I have been using Hama beads. They melt differently than the Perler ones do. Due to an event at the location, there was no craft group this week. I decided a good alternative was to clean up the beads and put them away for now because I'm not having enough fun with them for the amount of mess they cause. Concerts & Plays Saturday held an adventure as I needed to pick up a special pin at Arts Court before seeing a play that a friend was performing in at La Nouvelle Scène. It wouldn't be all that far from where I parked at City Hall if not for the absolutely wrong shoes to wear. My feet were quite sore by the time I got there. I debated taking a bus to my car after. I walked and stopped in at Steve's Music . More on that below. The play was Murder She Read  and it was quite a silly spin on a murder mystery. An avid reader of mystery novels attempts to solve the crime with a "spirited" butler

2024 - Week 23

Arts & Crafts I had hoped to enjoy Perler beading more than I do. They just don't melt well. I'm sure there is some key to it that I'm missing or my iron is terrible. The smaller items tend to turn out better for me. Wow, I hadn't noticed I used a dark pink one in my heart. Oops! On the opposite side, one can see that they aren't melting evenly. I read I should have parchment paper with holes in it. I'm wondering if it's as simple as that and if I can buy some that already has holes in it. That darn pink one! Maybe I can paint it... Decluttering & Minimalism I haven't done much on the decluttering this week since I'm not allowed to be all that physical while my mouth is healing. I've been focusing on smaller efforts instead. Gaming & Streaming I'm taking a break from streaming for now while I heal. I can talk, but it hurts.  On Sunday, we continued our Pathfinder  campaign. When last we met, we had defeated an angry enchanted caul

2024 - Week 22

Arts & Crafts Lately, I'm playing around with Perler Beads. They're not too hard on my arm and it's rather fun playing with all the design possibilities. It's also fun just organizing all the different colours. I'm still crocheting, but only a little bit at a time, so I don't upset my elbow. Decluttering & Minimalism As you can probably imagine, it's not easy to do much with an angry shoulder. The shoulder is annoyingly important for almost everything.  Still, I've been focusing on the smaller things rather than the big projects. Things I CAN do, rather than what I can't.  Like shredding old papers and organizing lightweight items. I tweaked a tag on the blog, so movies and TV shows are under one label now. I combined a couple of other ones as well. Gaming & Streaming This week was the start of a Pathfinder  campaign with friends. I'm a gnome bard who has some martial arts related cantrips and spells. The main goal for the first eveni