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2024 - Week 22

Arts & Crafts

Lately, I'm playing around with Perler Beads. They're not too hard on my arm and it's rather fun playing with all the design possibilities. It's also fun just organizing all the different colours.

I'm still crocheting, but only a little bit at a time, so I don't upset my elbow.

Decluttering & Minimalism

As you can probably imagine, it's not easy to do much with an angry shoulder. The shoulder is annoyingly important for almost everything. 

Still, I've been focusing on the smaller things rather than the big projects. Things I CAN do, rather than what I can't. 

Like shredding old papers and organizing lightweight items.

I tweaked a tag on the blog, so movies and TV shows are under one label now. I combined a couple of other ones as well.

Gaming & Streaming

This week was the start of a Pathfinder campaign with friends. I'm a gnome bard who has some martial arts related cantrips and spells. The main goal for the first evening was to complete character creation. We had all been helped along the way by the GM, so it wouldn't take multiple sessions to accomplish and we began the campaign the same night. We just survived a small fight with an enchanted cauldron. One of my fellow adventurers decided that burning down the hut it was found in was the best thing to do after that.

Lifestyle & Sports

Given the predicted day full of rain and a tornado warning, I was pretty sure softball practice would be cancelled on Monday. I was going to go even if I couldn't do more than practice some running. I arrived at the field then got the cancellation email. Since I was already out, I stopped at the mall for more perler beads.

I'm meeting with the sports medicine doctor early next week. In the meantime, I'm going to do other things to help ensure I'll be in shape for softball if and when I can play. I signed up for a pop-up Intro to House dance class. I rather like the idea of these one shot classes that I can go to as they are reasonably priced and can be fit into my schedule when I want. It's near the end of June. I'll just have to not use my one arm during it, but the rest of my body should be OK.

Massage really helped this week. The massage teacher came in and showed his student how to help calm my supra spinatus down and make my arm work a bit better. It has felt looser since.

Image by envandrare from Pixabay.

So, he basically pushed on the red part and held some other bit with one hand while he moved my arm with the other one until it hurt. Then he did more pushing to calm the supra spinatus down. That night, I had a bit more mobility. My right arm is a bit weak from not being used enough and my left is tired from being used so much. Hopefully soon I'll know more about what is needed. 

I had a lovely time with family on the 1st of June. We got together to celebrate my cousin's 50th wedding anniversary. I was getting sore as the sun was setting, so I went home and foam rolled my arms. I don't know if it helped my right arm, but my left definitely felt better.

June's oracle card is quite appropriate for Pride Month.

Freddie Mercury was the lead singer for Queen and he was unappologetically queer. I guess I'm to have a lot of fun in the month of June.

Movies & Television

On Tuesday, I saw Furiosa in IMAX at the Landmark in Kanata. That theatre has a self serve food at merch section and it's really cool. People can run around like a kid in a candy store, get a blanket, food, etc then pay at a checkout like a store. The movie was excellent, however, it doesn't have any IMAX scenes, so the benefit was the screen size. It's also important to note that it begins when Furiosa is a child, so she's only as murderous as a child can be. 

I didn't understand Mad Max all that well when I first saw it. I like it so much better now. I can't wait to get a copy of Furiosa on Blue Ray to go with my copy of Fury Road.

After that, I watched an episode of Ask a Mortician by Caitlin Doughty and it happened to be on My Girl. It was far more traumatizing than either Furiosa or Fury Road.

I very briefly tried Paramount+ for Star Trek, but it only played one episode before crapping out. I learned a lot of them are on Netflix, so I went back to Netflix. I didn't quite finish TNG and I want to watch the other Star Trek shows. I've also been wanting to watch quite a few things that come on Netflix, so it just made sense.


I've fixed up several more chapters and continue to read about the historical aspects I'm infusing into the novel.


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