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2023 - Week 29

Monday Work: It was a productive day and I even had time to start working on process improvement efforts that have been on the back burner for many months. Mood: I couldn't get the blog post out. Why? Because I'm so sick of trying to figure out what tags to use. Why can't I be normal and just know things like that? Why is it so damned elusive? Why do I sit here wondering how much I should've written about a topic before it deserves a tag? Why isn't it all handled via a content search instead of this extra step of beaucracy?! I'm also hating blog post titles. Do I REALLY need them every week? Home: I spent the evening reading Girls Like Girls  by Hayley Kiyoko. I had to force myself to put it down because I was hungry in more ways than one. Tuesday Work: In the early morning, I joined people from my portfolio at a breakfast event. It was great meeting people in person that I communicate with via email all the time. After the breakfast, which was at Ne

2023 - Week of My Birthday

Monday Work: It was an in-office work day and I could hardly focus on anything, so it was a good thing that I had cleared a lot of my inbox on Friday. I did get notes to help me later with my first tender document at least. Home: I dropped by a shop to replace my 510 CBD set up, which I had lost in the park on the weekend or somewhere else. I really have no idea where it got to. Since I'm allergic to Plaquenil a.k.a. Hydroxychloroquine, my options are limited in managing Sjogren's. I got a cute rainbow one that I like better now that I'm used to it. Being a goth comes with having so many black items that it can be hard to locate them at times. Tuesday Work: I could focus quite a lot better, but most items are waiting on someone else. I started making changes to the tender document, but had to fight with the template some. I eventually figured out that I had to force the numbering to make it do what was needed. Home: In the evening, I visited friends. This was partly to get

2023 - Week of July 3 to July 9

Monday was a stat holiday since Canada Day happened on the weekend. I mainly spent it catching up around the house while watching Deadloch and cross-stitching. If you haven't seen it, it's set in Tasmania, features a lesbian detective with an obnoxious partner who provides much of the comedic elements. They attempt to solve homicides together. There are so many hilarious lines like, "Serial killers love routines." To which Sven responds, "Like babies." I also filled out the form for yoga at work and fit in some keytar practice. Tuesday was sending the budget out and catching up around the house and at work before visiting with my goth friends. I was invited to the virtual yoga sessions at work and looked forward to that as I made space for it in my home. I also worked on my passport application. It should have been a renewal, but I was just outside of the expiry window for that. My old one was in my married name and I think it'll be nice for that to hav

My Newsletter!

  The first issue of my newsletter is live! Check out my newsletter,  Rae's Record  for the latest news on my goals, my ADHD journey, a monthly playlist, and special content. Much more to come as I update my website and really get cracking on my goals like never before ;)

2023 - Week of June 26 to July 2

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay Announcement! My newsletter drops this week. Subscribe here! *** Monday was an in-office day. Last week's inability to handle how large my inbox had bloomed in an afternoon was no longer an issue. I got my over 60 messages down to 15. Most of them required some sort of action from me, so I was really pleased with that. I felt a bit queasy heading home as there were a number of people who didn't smell good on transit that afternoon. It reminded me of that summer I worked in fast food. Tuesday had me less focused, but I got a project moved to the next stage, I posted last week's blog post, and I finished the bulk of my newsletter. Part of me wondered whether or not I should be adding that to my to-do list despite how much was already on my plate, but I also thought it was a good way to mark this life change. As part of that, I was able to get registered to hopefully find a new doctor. I wanted to go with a nurse practitioner, but they aren't c