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Scooting Along

Saturday was my last beginner scooter lesson. I missed two in the middle due to a mild concussion and the actual final one is happening when I have an event, so that's it for me.  I love scooter. It's hard to explain, but it just works for me despite chronic pain and hypermobility.  For my last lesson, I avoided most ramp work. I worked on jumps and was able to jump off boxes. A young man offered to give me a scooter deck next time I see him as I was leaving. He borrowed mine for a moment and easily did the trick I had been trying to do for much of the hour I was there, which was a tailwhip. The trick takes much of the body as it needs the scooter deck kicked out and swung around as the rider jumps ideally back onto it after it circles around fully. I can do about a quarter of one right now. Though I enjoyed the lessons, I'm also happy they are done as I like keeping my Saturdays free for the possibility of adventures. And I prefer to go on ladies night when I might meet a

Easter 2022

After several hectic weeks at work, I happily slept in on Friday and eased into the day. Following that, I got a lot of decluttering done, some knitting, rehomed my books in a reorganized office space, repotted all my plants, wrote a ritual for the full moon, watched several episodes of Supergirl , paid a parking ticket, and made a lovely dinner of top sirloin with rapini and seasoned creamer potatoes.  Saturday was a mix of decluttering, chores, and was capped off with a little full moon ritual and some homemade lemon wine a friend gifted me.  Sunday was a very chill day. I did a lot of relaxing. I gamed and watched more Supergirl . I'm now close to finished Season 6. I also tried to do my drawing homework, but the assignment is a special kind of collage using tape to transfer an image and my tape isn't doing what it's supposed to, so I'm stuck there. Today, I was an extra in Lee Demarbre's Enter the Drag Dragon . This was a returning role. In the summer, I was an

Inching Forward

Things didn't go as planned on Saturday at all, but I decided I was going to have fun regardless. And I did. I got a bit of writing done then I danced with a bunch of strangers at goth night. I'm even flattered that a couple seemed as if they wanted to unicorn hunt me. I left shortly after that to meet a friend at another bar. I'm happy to be at a place with myself where I can change gears like that and move on rather than languish in a funk. It wasn't always the case. I started Tuesday with a scooter session. It felt great. The only annoying part was seeing my nosy, gossipy neighbour while I was out. Of all the people to run into, but it could've been much worse. As annoyed as I am, I'm not letting that person stop me from working on my fitness goals. It did spike my allergies because the morning is just about the heaviest time for pollen. Perhaps a little later would be better for preventing that. I'd also be less likely to run into people I rather wouldn


I have been stuck for several months. This declutter project is at the point where I need some furniture in my office area. It has been this way for a long time for a couple of reasons beyond life stuff. 1. It was a challenge to figure out what I needed and how to configure it. Part of this is because I want my electronic keyboard to be in the back of my little office while still having the storage needed for other things like writing resource books and pantry items. My first ideas wouldn't fit in the space. 2. The biggest problem has been availability of shelving. I got halfway through executing my plan and then nothing was available. Or one item would become available and it would be the only one in stock and there was no way for me to get to IKEA in time.  Well, the last piece just became available for delivery! Delivery often isn't an option with IKEA in Ottawa because I live in Ottawa. For whatever reason, it is this time. It's a tad more expensive, but I live on the o

2022 ROW80 Round 2 - Goals

Starting this Monday I will be getting back to crushing my goals. My focus for this round includes finishing up the remnants of two projects, which will actually help with my declutter efforts as there will be items I'll no longer need. Those are the bathroom and the couch projects. Bathroom: Finish the door area/trim and get the locking mechanism to fit and allow the door to close. Couch: Finish the upholstery. Declutter: Complete the last third of my decluttering efforts. I'll add more specific tasks as needed as decluttering is really like a project portfolio with smaller projects making it up. Projects like: 1. Tool declutter 2. Office shelving 3. Desk declutter And more. Drawing: Complete Drawing for Beginners Level-1. I think doing 30 minutes a day will get me done in no time and get myself in the habit of drawing something. Keys (Rock Piano): TBD as lessons start on Thursday. This is a mix of in-person and online. There is a whole virtual segment now that I will be