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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay I'm in one of those periods of transition in life right now. It's messy and hectic, but I feel more alive than ever.  I'm assuming a new role at work while finishing up some things for the current one. This is an official thing starting in April, but the person I'm replacing is on vacation beginning this Friday and going to the end of the month, so I'm really starting it already. Today, we did the meeting to discuss what she couldn't get finished in time. I've had some really tiring work days this week with all of this. Curling is ending on April 16th. I'm sad about this. I never expected to fall in love with a sport that looks boring on the outside! It's helped me get out more in the winter and get back to being active. Softball registration is almost here, so I am aiming to continue being active for the warm months though it'll be more difficult between seasonal allergies and my body not always being the best

On Clothing

Some people wonder why LGBTQ+ folks change the way they dress after coming out. Part of it is because we still don't feel fully like ourselves. It's like we can't truly express who we are in the wrong clothing. It's that old saying, "The clothing makes the man." I'm personally rejecting most feminine clothing these days for many reasons. 1. Who I am. I lean towards the masculine side of life. I was always a bit sporty prior to high school and after university. In high school, I was a tomboy goth. When I first started working office jobs, I loved wearing blazers or vests and dress pants. Now, I'm somewhere around a futch. What's that mean aesthetically? Think blazers, turtlenecks, Henley shirts, skate shoes, t-shirts, jeans, cargos, hoodies, and dress shoes. But I don't mind adding in some girlish elements here and there like earrings, a pixie haircut, and dark nail polish. This all lets me play with gender in my outfits. 2. Durability and susta

International Women's Day 2023

Image by Bianca Van Dijk from Pixabay. I had my first day back at work on Tuesday. It was nice seeing my national lead. I was surprised that many of the lunch places in my building were still operating. One that was lost, I still don't want food from after three years away from it, so that was a happy change.  At our International Women's Day virtual event yesterday, an upgrade to the Golden Rule was proposed by a speaker. The Platinum Rule Treat others the way they want to be treated. Don't assume they want to be treated like you. Ask them what works for them. I like this, but I also think we need to be careful because some people are overly demanding to an unreasonable level. They tend to demand to see the manager... Learning Another topic came up and that was how certain courses like science and math might be taught in ways that males understand more easily than females. I think all the methods should be available for every student to get what they need in order to lear

Super Massive Condo Reorg - Part 1

The past year has been tough. I was depressed and anxious after losing my mom. As a consequence, my declutter efforts got derailed. I kept trying, but there was little to no progress and I couldn't figure out what to do.  Bedroom It seemed no matter how I set up my bedroom, it just didn't flow. And I would have to move things like sports items into my hall or entrance to access them. Neither of those spaces actually have room, so it was nightmarish.  Just before the holidays, I figured out a new plan. This originally included changing to another bed frame that I already had and moving my bed and dresser near the window instead of the door. The canopy frame took up space I wanted for art and I couldn't stretch out fully without my feet touching the footboard, which annoyed me. Here is the disastrous starting point:  Yes, that was all in one 11' by 20ish' room.  The day after I got back from holidays, I got started. I ha

12 Things That Help Manage My Anxiety

I've been struggling with anxiety for a while now. It got so bad that every reflection startled me. And I wondered why we need floor tiles that are so shiny the store fronts can be seen in them!  Some things that have helped include: 1. Turning off message notifications on Facebook. I use a number of alarms and notifications throughout the day as part of my time management strategy and I was having too many distracting ones drown out the more critical ones. When they're all the same level of importance, they become overwhelming and meaningless. I learned that I could turn off notification dots only if I had notifications left on. I was really happy to learn this for messenger as I check multiple times a day anyway and I really don't need to check my business page that often. The links between Instagram and Facebook don't update correctly, so it was constantly putting up notification dots and there was nothing to action. I've learned there is such a thing as being to

Boundaries and Lived Experience - A Rant

This is a rant about people. The kind of people who think it's OK to put forth their worldview or their experience as THE ONE TRUE WAY OF LIVING. These are the people who continue to push against boundaries and can't see that they could be wrong. I'll often see these situations on social media. A page for something specific like neurodiversity, homosexuality, chronic illness, or anything really will attract someone who decides they alone hold the secrets of the universe and you should feel special that they want to impart their wisdom onto you. I'm not going to delve into the gender and race of these knights in tinfoil helmets who live in a fantasy realm of their own making. You can probably easily guess. It's not always that particular segment of society, but it is more often that segment. One of the pages on neurodiversity had this happen recently. They posted about being tired and someone decided that they just need to exercise more. Exercise is great and helpful