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I'm a little late to the Now Page party that began in 2015, but I can immediately see the value of always having a list of current projects at hand for myself and for anyone who wants to know what I'm up to. I'm working towards some bigger goals with many of the items in these lists.

Arts and Crafts Projects

1. Lez Scarf

I'm currently knitting a scarf using the 5 colour lesbian flag and black.

2. 2020 Temperature Cross-Stitch

I never finished this and I'd like to get it done.

3. Fairy Cross-Stitch

Another unfinished crafting project I'm working on is a mother daughter fairy silhouette on navy blue aida.

4. Black and Red Vest

This item is for the New Year's party I'm headed to. It was a blazer with pretty ugly sleeves. I'm making use of the sleeves to make a vest that fits me.

5. Black & White Plaid Vest

I have some pants I intend to repurpose into something I want that actually fits me.

6. Woobles Carrot

I have a kit for making a crochet carrot.

7. Woobles Rainbow Dinosaur

I want to have a gay stuffed dinosaur for reasons. Dino Community reasons.

8. Goth Quilt

I have started a new quilt for my bed that is bigger than my previous one and fits my preferred aesthetic. My old quilt will be used in my reading nook.

9. Drawing

I'm continuing to improve this skill and am learning Procreate.

Life Projects

1. Health

Along with getting help for anxiety, I'm adopting a plant forward diet. I'm still eating animal products, but much less than previously. So far, my body is responding well to this. I'm also on a curling team, and planning to do yoga, softball, walking, and rowing to get back in shape.

2. Declutter (Home)

I started decluttering my tiny condo during the Covid-19 Pandemic. This is an ongoing effort that I'm hoping I can complete in 2023. I have broken this goal into several smaller projects that I will be starting imminently. Major changes will be occuring in my bedroom to better allow for all of my plans. Then my living room will have some work left to do.

3. Finances

Paying off my phone is the current financial priority.

4. French (Work)

I have a daily French phase calendar and I'm working towards the BB level exam. I still haven't started this.

5. Reno (Home)

I'm going to make use of flooring I already have in my entrance. My goal there is to have a better surface for wet winter items and I'm hoping a transition strip will help prevent sand from migrating into the rest of the tiny open concept condo. This should hopefully be a 1-2 weekend thing.

6. Office (Home)

Paint and install chair rails.

7. Doors (Home)

I'd really like to paint my doors all the same colour.

8. Baseboards and Trim (Home)

When I do major work in a room, I like to clean and paint these.

9. Door Seals (Car)

I need o replace the rubber seals on my car doors. They are melting and marking up my hands and clothes.

10. Door seals (Fridge)

These seals are long due for replacement as well. I've noticed some condensation on the doors because of the breaking seals.

Music Projects 

1. Embouchure

One of my goals is to get my embouchure back and then regain my skills in trumpet. I'd really like to eventually get a cornet as that was my instrument rather than the full size trumpet.

2. Synth

I am learning Ableton with my mini synthesizer and keytar.

3. Keys

I'm spending time learning to play my Yamaha electronic keyboard.

4. Vocals

I'm working on getting back to singing and aiming to get better than I was previously at this.

Writing Projects 

1. Sparker (Novel)

This novel is in editing. I'm currently working through the second half of the manuscript. After that, I intend to query publishers.

2. Secret (Screenplay)

A one-pager has been written for this horror movie. If I release the working title, it could give away too much. Once I've written the screenplay, I will be entering it into contests.

3. Skater (Novel)

This novel is currently hovering around the 30,000 word mark and my current goal is to finish the first draft. It's a dark fantasy story involving roller derby.

4. The Mockumentary (Screenplay)

A lesbian buddy horror I want to complete and submit to screenplay contests.

5. Seer (Novel)

This space opera/dark urban fantasy is hovering around 30,000 words and I want to get the first draft finished. It has changed names a few times.

6. The Music Room (Screenplay)

A music focused horror. I started writing it without a one pager and I think I've discovered why one pagers are important.

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