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2024 - Week 21

Arts & Crafts I missed craft group this week since it was on the holiday Monday and I had softball practice. I got some craft supplies organized, but mostly took a break. I think I've been needing one as I've been getting pain in my elbow and bicep area. That might be from crochet. Crochet may be faster than knitting for some things, but since what is made is double thick, it's actually harder on the joints, especially given that it mainly uses one arm. I guess it will take me longer than I'd like to finish my entrance table runner. I never thought crafting could be keeping my arm hurt because it didn't usually cause me pain. I guess I get to focus on reading for a bit instead and do some machine sewing. I have some sewing projects on the to-do list. I also have a Wonder Woman diamond painting kit. Decluttering & Minimalism I'm taking it easy, but also slowing plugging away at the battle against entropy. I can't tell which of us is winning yet. Hopef

2024 - Week 20

Arts & Crafts This week I worked on a thin sash style scarf in a colour that matches my floral buttondown for the wedding I attended on Friday. I skipped the weekly craft group as I was in a lot of pain that day. I decided self care was the best idea. The outfit actually on me: Of course, by the end of the night, I was just wearing the floral buttondown. I should alter that as it's a bit too long for my arms, but I really didn't have time with everything that has been going on lately. The vest also doesn't fit quite right. It's hard being short and chubby. Decluttering & Minimalism My goal for this week was to get my craft area set back up for streaming.  I got none of that done. The first thing I took care of was pinning this cable to the wall as it had been bothering me quite a lot. Such a small thing, but it's another thing off of the neverending to-do list and I no longer have to think about it. I did some paperwork on Monday. I have a huge bin in my clo

2024 - Week 19

I can't believe we're already almost at the May long weekend. The Tulip Festival is half over. As of this week, I've been here over a decade and I still haven't been to the Tulip Festival. I'm always so busy this time of the year, so making it there is difficult. Arts & Crafts Craft night was on a new day and at a new location. It was cozy and I enjoyed chatting with some new folx. I brought a crochet table runner that I'm currently working on as it was more portable that day than my fairy cross-stitch. At the pitching clinic, I crocheted while softball friends learned to pitch. My piece definitely has some flaws, but I think it's going OK for my experience level. It's navy blue, but doesn't look like it in the photo for whatever reason. Probably lighting. Decluttering & Minimalism I was surrounded by clutter as I rearranged my streaming spaces for hopefully the last time. I didn't have enough space behind me and that part of the floor i

2024 - Week 18

Arts & Crafts No craft group this week, but I continued along with my table runner. It was a frustrating endevour as the plastic stitch counters kept breaking. I counted the moments until my metal replacements would come. There were 72. No, there weren't. Well, maybe there were, but I didn't actually count them because counting is an irksome activity for me. It's one of the things that makes my brain very unhappy.  Decluttering & Minimalism I've cleared the junk from my entrance table. Next up this week was to clear the junk from the rest of the entrance way. Someday, I hope to change the flooring out to something better suited to wet, winter boots. Gaming & Streaming On Monday, I found myself with nothing left to do but the main campaign in Diablo IV . I killed Duriel this time then met up with my allies and entered Hell.  Thursday also held the completion of  Diablo IV . The battle with Lilith, the cutscenes, and the credits were all epic. Overall, at time