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End of ROW80 2022 Round 1

It's the end of the round again. Despite it being year end at work, I found time each morning to get some editing in and made a lot of progress in a short amount of time compared to previous rounds. I averaged half a chapter each morning that I was able to edit. I plan to continue this method in the new round as year end will be done and I will be fully recovered from the time change. I really hope North America moves toward scrapping time changes soon. Lately, I've been lining things up for the next round. I have keys lessons (rock piano) set to start in early April. I've started trick scooter lessons. Decluttering will continue though I'd really like to be done by the end of the round, which would be in time for summer. I will also be continuing the drawing course I'm in. I have size 4 Vans as my scooter instructor recommended proper skate shoes. They were under $60, which may partly be because of their size. Sometimes being small is a good thing! I

Nails and Things

OK, this post may seem a bit uncharacteristic of me, but only because I haven't shared this thing about me. Not that it's a big deal really. I almost never leave enough time before an event to do my nails before it. I want to, but life always seems to get in the way, Anyway, I figured out that I should do my nails the day before rather than the day of because I can  just tweak it on the day of rather than trying to fit it all in.  Why am I even posting about this? For me, it's a milestone in a way. It's a sign that I'm *finally* getting my life together in some small way. I may not be super girly, but I feel like having my nails done is as crucial as not leaving a tiny opening with my saya. My martial arts buds will get that. Basically, it means that if I can get this miniscule part handled, the bigger things are nothing to tackle. This is one of those #lifeisbudo moments. For the first time ever, I don't care about colouring inside the lines with my nails becau

Finally Unstuck

I'm feeling pretty fantastic lately. what's changed? Two things. I've reduced my sugar intake and I have a daily nasal spray called Avamys from my allergist. I guess I've been allergic to something in my house?  I have more energy and focus like I haven't had in years. And this is letting me do more of the things I love, which is just making me feel even more fantastic. I've been editing a bit every day and I am already onto chapter eleven. I'm also working on all my other goals.  I got really lucky on my casual Beleev scooter the other day. I was riding around on it in the parking lot without issues after I dropped off some food at the food bank nearby. It turns out the handles weren't actually connected to it. Later, one popped out completely in the hallway when I was going much slower. But I also got myself a proper one that was on sale for tricks and I'm excited about that. I'm planning to start lessons in April for this. Along with switching

Early March 2022 Update

I really thought I had started a draft. I guess I did so in my dreams. I've been sleeping a lot lately, which I believe is a combination of a lot of stress leaving my life and the usual, almost monthly, low iron that happens because I'm a woman. Someday, that will stop.  Yesterday was a dental visit for a cleaning. I have a filling that is "leaking," which isn't a pleasant feeling as it's a little too accessible to food and drink getting in there near the root. So I have a couple of spots needing repair and a crown to get. I'm really hoping a lot of that crown gets covered by my insurance, because it's pricey. Anyway, enough of that. I'm halfway through editing chapter 9. When I get through chapter 11, I will be at the point where I have not edited the rest of the chapters as much, so I have no idea what I'm looking at. This is because I don't think I completed the edits where I briefly thought everything should be set in the U.S. They migh

Bathroom Reno Update

The Neverending Reno I am excited to report that my bathroom is basically done. Bathfitter was here yesterday and completed the valve conversion and made everything nice in the shower area. Before After All that's left is a bit of work with the door.  I may eventually touch up the walls with white paint as I feel like the white on the walls still has some of the lime bleeding through, which is more noticeable now with the shower area updated to the modern day. But I'm in no rush. It'll probably be some weekend boredom thing next winter when I don't want to go out anyway. With that complete, I feel less stressed and like I can get the rest of my decluttering done more easily. They had to reschedule the job a couple of times because the worker originally assigned was in the middle of deciding to retire. Luckily, there were no issues on the day. The water shut off well enough that the plumber didn't have to be here too long and everything was do