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Thoughtful Thursday - Accountability

I've been having trouble writing this week due to the extra stressors and I noticed something that helped me get through it. Once I told my teachers that I wasn't sure if I could get things done on time because of the other things I was dealing with, I was able to finish the projects I needed to finish and hand them in. I suppose I was using my teachers to keep myself accountable in a way, but it also helped me to purged the heavy stuff from my system, so I could focus on the things I needed to get done. I've been mostly doing well with school work. I'm ahead in most classes and I'm hoping none of my classmates are comparing their progress to mine. I've been writing since I was 9 and seriously for 7 years now. I've written a novel and have two others half done, I used to manage projects for a living, and I've taken a lot of post secondary courses. I've especially taken online ones with a large participation component that I totally sucked at, so I

Warrior Wednesday - Life: The Battle

[caption id="attachment_11040" align="alignright" width="300"] Image created using Bitmoji[/caption] I struggled all day thinking about what to write. This is partly because yesterday was a full day with some distressing moments. I had a presentation to do in the morning that wasn't quite finished as sometimes happens with group work projects. My legs were shaking as I read my parts, but I've been told I kept my composure. That's good because the alternative was to give into the jelly feeling in my legs and collapse onto the floor. See how much I love presentations? In my second class we had to pitch a reality TV show and my group was obsessed with eggs, so I was doubtful anything would come of the discussion, but we pulled it together and presented a decent idea for a show that even the teacher got into. Phew. I was tired from the night before. By the time I got home from school, it was 6:45 PM and martial arts was at 8:00 PM. I couldn't

Theatrical Tuesday - The Room

So I went to see The Room at The Mayfair Theatre last night. Greg Sestero was there and he gave us a lot of interesting background on the movie. He gave me some very basic scriptwriting advice, which amounts to write every day and don't give up. It was my first time seeing it in theatres and it was quite an experience. Bring plastic spoons if you plan to go and then just go with it. You're unlikely to hear all the movie, so be prepared for that. I'd go into more, but my day has been the kind where I have a massive no-food headache because I had to deal with a suicidal message in a Facebook group I administer. I'm off to eat and shower. Then I hope to have the energy to do homework. I've emailed my teacher in case I can't manage it tonight. R~

Merry Monday - A Schedule Feast

[caption id="attachment_4711" align="alignright" width="300"] Image created using Bit Strips.[/caption] My life often gets a little busy.  Here was my weekend: Friday - Final practice then performance for fundraiser. I should've probably stuck around to party longer after, but a friend was driving to my area of town anyway. Saturday - I did dishes, worked on a group presentation, and worked on other homework. Sunday - I went to church, had the second last practice before my 2nd grading attempt of 2nd level black belt. After that, I donated items, did some groceries, did homework, visit with my little buddy, and capped it all off with B-Movie night. This is my next couple of weeks: Monday - Bring my car for a tire retorque. Go to work placement to figure things out. Go to play writing class. Homework. Tweak and submit TV episode treatment. Double feature at the Mayfair. Tuesday - Two classes (one with presentation). Final practice before grad

Symphonic Saturday - A Sad, No Music Day

I've wanted to do something musical ALL DAY. There's been no time to though as I've had homework to do. I'm fairly busy tomorrow and may not get to do anything musical then either. I really want to learn blues guitar soon. I don't know if I'm ready, but it's fun to play what I can pretend I know of the blues hahaaha. It's getting late, but maybe I can quietly play my guitar anyway... I think I'll do that. Then off to bed. I have an early rise tomorrow and a long day after. By the way, I'm in no way complaining that I have homework. After the strike, I'm happy to be having so much to do! Guid cheerio the nou, R~

Frisky Friday - Worst Sex Scenes in Fiction

[caption id="attachment_10523" align="alignright" width="300"] Image created using Bitmoji[/caption] We all hope our sex scenes will be steamy segments of sexy fun that makes the reader want to find their partner and have a great weekend of the best sex they've had in a while. We're also terrified they'll be the most flaccid making garbage that has ever been written down. If they are funny even, that's usually better than a turn off. I mean, funny things happen sometimes like unexpected noises. Some sex scenes are better than others. Some are so bad that I feel sorry for the author. Apparently, there are awards for this type of thing. You can check them out here . I have a packed weekend that begins with the GONQ show at The Wellington at 9. Well, technically it begins around 3:30 for me as I have to bus to the college to meet up with my fellow actors to run through out comedy show one last time before the real thing. Saturday is low key,

Thoughtful Thursday - Healthy Progress

I think I've figured it out. I know I've thought that about 10 times before, but I really think I have this time. I think my digestive issues are Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The things I've had trouble with, those that have given me the most pain, are on the IBS list of things to avoid (dairy, gluten, alcohol, caffeine, beans). I've had minor problems with some of the other things on the list like apples and overripe bananas. One of the first things that ever made me sick was ketchup, which I've been eating a lot lately. Why didn't I think of it before? Oats. Oats made me believe it must be Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity. They share a similar protein. Recently, I've been having a ton of trouble with garlic. That points to IBS, especially with the other things except oats. So, I started doing some searching online and it turns out a lot of IBS folks have trouble with oats too. Why they're on the recommended food list, is strange to me in that case, but I'

Warrior Wednesday - Back to School

[caption id="attachment_11040" align="alignright" width="300"] Image created using Bitmoji[/caption] Right now the song from Grease 2 is playing in my head. Yeah, I know that movie wasn't the best, but I can't help it. Yesterday turned out great after a rough start. I was late because my brain decided that it was 10:45 I should catch the bus instead of 9:45. Class was at 11, so you can guess how that went. I let my teachers know and I wasn't the only one. Apparently, I didn't miss much in that first 25-35 minutes, so that was lucky. I was late in part due to stomach issues. More on that tomorrow. My anxiety was pretty high until this large black man got on the bus. He sat down, started munching away on a packet of red licorice and before long he was singing along with his music. Whether it was the grin on his face or his no fucks given attitude, a smile began creeping across my face. When I got inside the school, it turned into a huge grin

Theatrical Tuesday - The Worlds We Want Podcast

I'm feeling really hopeful today. I think we all get mired in the negative stuff easily and so we don't always hear about the great things happening around the world. My friend is part of a science podcast that is focused on talking about recent developments in getting the world to move towards a more sustainable existence and combat climate change. I find it a positive and refreshing approach compared to the shaming, finger pointing, and apocalyptic fear mongering that many other groups have employed. You can check it out here . I'm off to actual class for the first time in 5 weeks. I'm nervous and excited! Guid cheerio the nou, R~

Merry Monday - Roller Coasters

[caption id="attachment_4711" align="alignright" width="300"] Image created using Bit Strips.[/caption] Roller coasters are something I don't enjoy. They're really bad. I mean, when I'm on one I scream like I'm being murdered. But I actually love going to theme parks. I walk around, people watch, go on some water rides, and get writing inspiration. I'm also always willing to hold stuff for my friends, so their phones and glasses don't get lost or broken. I don't enjoy the emotional roller coaster variety either. The end of last week was full of the emotional kind. The premier of Ontario attempted to legislate arbitration that would treat the teachers fairly while coming to a reasonable ground and getting us back to school. All three parties had to agree to it because of the time of day and the NDP party refused. This bled into Saturday and Sunday. The bill was passed on Sunday. All this strike stuff has made me angry, sad, scar

Symphonic Saturday - Tis the Season

I'm sorry. I meant to post this yesterday. I got side tracked getting things done before our first winter storm.  Things like exchanging one gift for three.  I think Mom and Dad are going to have a good Christmas this year. This happened to be our first snow. Since there's snow and we're passed Remembrance Day, I can totally play Christmas music and put up my tree! I found a ton of CDs with Christmas mp3s on them. I haven't listened to these songs in a long time. I'm going to load them on my media PC and have a Christmas-y dance party! Guid cheerio the nou, R~

Frisky Friday - Super Speculation

[caption id="attachment_10523" align="alignright" width="300"] Image created using Bitmoji[/caption] OK, so I was on Facebook and this meme caught my eye. It features Superman in a naughty position. It got me speculating about whether or not it would even be possible without causing some serious problems for the giver. I mean, would it come out of Superman faster than a speeding bullet and thus end up firing through their skull? Here's the meme: Oh, and I only just realized the person is wearing quad skates. I now love this meme. I should totally get back to quad skating... It's the winter edition of Comic-Con this weekend in Ottawa. I'm hoping to check it out, though I'm pretty much done my Christmas shopping. I hope you have a super weekend. Guid cheerio the nou, R~

Thoughtful Thursday - Uncomfortably Hopeful

I got up late today as I found inspiration to write passed midnight yesterday. Not any of my current projects of course, but I had to get some things down in order to sleep. Today was the teacher's vote on the bullshit offer put forth by the College Employers Council. Ninety-five percent of the teachers voted and the results were 86% No. With that high of a backlash, the premier has decided to meet with both sides today to see if they can fix the issues. I really hope she listens to the teachers. I know the colleges are a business and some things may not be financially feasible, but the council has been trying to do things that will be illegal in the coming months in terms of Bill 148. At least that's what the teachers have been saying. As I haven't seen the actual contract terms, I can't say with 100% certainty that is what has been happening. I do trust that my teachers aren't trying to fuck me over for a few dollars though. So I'm still a student that doesn&#

Warrior Wednesday - Agency

[caption id="attachment_11040" align="alignright" width="300"] Image created using Bitmoji[/caption] We writers often talk of agency when creating our characters. What is agency? Agency is whether or not a character is in the driver's seat. Admittedly there are times where characters aren't in full control. Speed is an example that comes to mind. Die Hard with a Vengeance is another. Most of the time, however, we want characters to have things happen because of the decisions they make rather than being a passive story participant that just has things happen to them or one that has little to no free will. Free will is one of the foundations of being human. We have many stories that explore this topic such as The Matrix. In those movies, we learn almost no one has free will and Neo takes the red pill to gain free will and help free the rest of the human race. Yeah, sometimes I like stories that involve fate, but mostly I love characters that are in

Theatrical Tuesday - A Review of Dracula Untold

I wasn't a fan of this movie. There was a major problem with it. Dracula was never fatally sensitive to sunlight . Actually vampires in the lore that came before Dracula were also not fatally sensitive to sunlight. When you do a story about Dracula, you should know this. It's not even hard to find the information out. Wikipedia has it in a handy chart form . The concept of the story was good. There was a heartwarming plot line that I liked. The soundtrack and special effects were also good. As were the battle scenes. But when you base major story events around the sun that are in complete contradiction with the lore, you create something that has major plot problems for anyone who knows the lore. Don't mix Buffy's vampires with Dracula. Also, he seemed to become an elemental wizard somewhere that could control storm clouds? WTF? And it's not even hard to catch up on the lore for Dracula. All you need to do is read one book. It's even free in audio format on Libr

Merry Monday - Lots To Do And Little Time To Do It In

[caption id="attachment_4711" align="alignright" width="300"] Image created using Bit Strips.[/caption] And thus we return to our regularly scheduled programming. Well, mostly. The colleges are still on strike. We had 21 days that had classes in my program prior to the strike. We've had 18 days worth of strike where we should have had classes. The strike has been longer than that for most students. I don't have Friday classes nor are any of mine on the weekends. I slowly plod on because I don't know what else to do. I watch videos on YouTube from the greats like Syd Field. I read my text books, though I could be doing more of that I suppose. I work on my assignments. I've been working on the first act of my feature film script, but I realized that I have other assignments that were due before that one that I should focus on instead. Namely my short film, my 10-minute play, and my TV episode. I may work on my TV episode today because I'

Symphonic Saturday - Remembrance Day

We made it! Today is Remembrance Day. At 11:11 we honour veterans by taking a minute of silence. In high school, they took us to the main arena to watch as the pipers marched in and there were riflemen. There were wreaths and a bunch of ceremonial things that happened. I'm too sick to make it to a ceremony, but I found a live stream of what is happening on Parliament Hill today. Here's a nice little 80s video featuring the music of Bryan Adams about Remembrance Day. Guid cheerio the nou, R~

Feisty Friday - The 10th Day of Remembrance

Today is about a wartime hero and I want to give a shout out to Laura Secord. Not the chocolate company. Well, it was kind of named in honour of her about a hundred years after she did something really important. What was that? She took a long walk. So, her husband was a soldier and he got injured. She fed a bunch of US soldiers because they made her. She overheard them talking of their military plans to crush the Brits. Because her husband was too injured, she took it upon herself to travel through Iroquois country and get a message to Lieutenant FitzGibbon. Because of her, Canada didn't become part of the United States. Laura Secord is why we don't have the orange man in charge of our country today! Thanks again Mrs. Laura Ingersoll Secord. Guid cheerio the nou, R~

Thoughtful Thursday - The 9th Day of Remembrance

Today is about a symbol or act of remembrance. I've chosen the Latin Cross, which not only has its roots in Christianity, but also marks the graves of countless soldiers. If the above image doesn't make you think that perhaps we should avoid war at all costs, I don't know how to get the message across any clearer. I've noticed some people talking about war flippantly as if it isn't humans dying. It's as if because it's not them, those lives don't matter. We should never be in a rush to kill other people no matter if our worldviews are different. Crosses are popular objects used as grave markers, in religious items like wall crucifixes or rosary beads, and they also mark the locations of accidents on roads around the globe. They are a symbol of Christianity, but also of so much more.   In my own life, the Ontario College Employers Council's war against its teachers is ongoing largely because the College Employers Council is refusing to negotiate, desp

Warrior Wednesday - The 8th Day of Remembrance

Today is about a wartime photo, but I don't have a photo. I don't have any family members who served in any wars, but I do have some friends who have. One served in the Gulf War , which was the first war that Canada allowed women to serve in combat roles. What is also exceptional about this war is that no Canadians died during it. Many who served are still suffering the effects . Sorry for the short post. I've had a packed day and my cough is making it hard to breathe, so I'm going to go do something about that. Good cheerio the nou, R~  

Merry Monday - The 6th Day of Remembrance

Today is about peace. Peace is something that is often hard won. Peace doesn't mean there aren't challenges to deal with. I think some people think peace on Earth would be like the ideal image of heaven. For that to happen, every man, woman, child, and animal would have to be nothing like we are now. The part of all of us that is animal would have to cease to exist. Even domesticated animals attack now and then. I don't think a world without challenges would be good to live in. Even Star Trek, which has elements of a utopia, is full of problems. Maybe the regular folks living on the ships that aren't Starfleet officers don't notice much in the way of problems. I often wonder what the civilians do. Most domestic chores are done by the computer. It's not unreasonable to think that if food can be created, why not uniforms as well? Do they just read books and play? Even in peace time, there is still life on Earth. Many times things don't go remotely according to

The 5th Day of Remembrance

I don't normally post on Sundays, but today is about Passchendaele. Here's a picture: To learn more about the Battle of Passchendaele, check it out on Wikipedia . Guid cheerio the nou, R~

Symphonic Saturday - The 4th Day of Remembrance

Today's theme is Freedom. In the Western world, we have a lot more freedom than some other countries. We're not one hundred percent free, but we have it pretty good. Why do I say we aren't totally free? There are a lot of things we can't do. For example, when I was buying a house in Ottawa, I looked at some lots. I learned I wasn't free to put any kind of home I wanted on most lots. They had to be of a certain value. I also learned that even if I chose to use nothing but green energies such as geothermal and solar to power said home, I'd have to pay hydro delivery fees because you aren't allowed to be disconnected from the hydro grid. Gone were my hopes of ridding myself from a bill. There are lots of things like that in this country that people aren't aware of because they don't affect them. Still, for the most part we can work a job and survive, which is better than a lot of the other places in the world. And some people have it worse. Especially i

Frisky Friday - The 3rd Day of Remembrance

Today is about red. For your soldier, put on some red lingerie or some sexy underwear and greet him or her at the door ;) If like me you've caught yourself a case of flu, have a read about the  innocents online . It'll cheer you up or possibly confuse you... It's a short post today because I felt like I was choking in  my sleep. I won't get into the gross details, but it was pretty scary and I didn't sleep well.  Guid cheerio the nou, R~

Thoughtful Thursday - Remembrance Day 2

Today is about a favourite wartime film, poem, or book. I have to go with In Flanders Fields . This poem was written by a Canadian soldier named John McCrae and it was the first poem I can honestly remember from my youth. It's beautiful and it's sad. It speaks of how the birds continue to sing and fly as they always have despite the dead humans buried all about them. It speaks of how life ended so soon for the brave soldiers who went to war so our loved ones didn't have to. It also speaks of finishing the fight for those who sacrificed themselves. I'm feeling pretty awful. I have a lot of flu symptoms. A muscle by my ribs feels pulled, my throat is scratchy, it's hard to speak, my lips are chapped, and I cough here and there. The thing is, that's about as bad as things get for a lot of people today because of those people who gave their lives to let us be free. Sure, some are still having a lower standard of living that absolutely needs to be remedied, but we ar

Warrior Wednesday - 11 Days of Remembrance

Today is November 1st. All too often, people rush to get into the Christmas spirit the day after Hallowe'en ends and spare little to no thought for the brave men and women who died so they could have the freedom to do such things. I'm participating in a challenge to share photos online in the spirit of remembrance as we head towards Remembrance Day. Today is an image involving poppies as they are one of the most iconic of war symbols. I was very disturbed earlier this week when I saw someone on my Facebook feed suggesting war could be the way to handle issues when compromise doesn't seem to be working. I don't think some people truly understand the horrors that war brings and that we should avoid it at all costs. Too many lives are lost when killing becomes the only answer. I've noticed it's people with no stakes, they aren't soldiers and neither are their loved one, who are quick to decide this is the path to take. Who cares about a bunch of dead people tha