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2023 - Week 43

Monday was partly in-office and partly at home. I was able to clear my inbox, which had me feeling quite relieved. I ended the workday with the completion of the 2SLGBTQI+ Trivia PowerPoint that I'd been working on for a while. It's for an upcoming diversity event at work. The date is TBD. It was also studio day for my friend, so I hung out in her Discord server as they finalized another one of the songs for one of her upcoming albums.  My new curling gripper came along with earrings I've been wanting: I spent some time in a Twitch channel focused on costume making. I liked it and will visit again. I think I can learn a lot there to further improve my sewing skills, which is something I've wanted to do for a long time. I didn't sleep well after about 2:00 AM. I kept waking up, so I let myself sleep until 8:30 AM before starting work on Tuesday. I had found a new lead to getting my ADHD medicated, so I was eager to get on it. I got an appointment for the afternoon an

2023 - Week 42

Will this week be the answer to life and everything? That answer is probably as unique as each individual on this planet. This week began with a lot of soreness for me, particularly my shoulders after all the sweeping at my first curling game the day before. Despite that, I was gung-ho to install a shelf above the door in my bedroom. Problem? I put the parts that actually hold the shelf somewhere super secret. Regardless, I put the wall part they hook into up, so that it would be ready for when I inevitably tripped over them. I was really quite annoyed that I couldn't find them as they were getting in the way of me reorganizing my bookshelves, which is a necessary thing after a writer's conference. After some more intense searching, I found them and was ready to deal with my bookshelves, but I was too tired to hop to that. It was time for a break. The ominous sky held splashes of hope on the horizon. I finally put a note in my mail box to request no flyers or junk mail and was

2023 - Week 41

Monday was taken up traveling back to Ottawa from spooky vacay, playing a little Diablo IV , and getting to bed early after such a full weekend. It was hard to focus on work on Tuesday, but I got some good news about an issue at least. Not that there is a resolution on the horizon exactly, but I now know I'm not alone in facing it, which is helpful. I'm being deliberately vague as it's day job related. I was a little tired at GSL Curling, but I learned some advanced things about sweeping related to who should sweep closest to the rock. I told a former teammate who has far more experience and he was pretty surprised. On Wednesday, I needed a little lie down after work before my stream. I was still recovering from the late night curling. But I don't need to attend the Wednesday morning meeting anymore, so I can sleep in and flex my day going forward. This is a relief as the learner curling program is a 2-year program and the second level group is on the ice at the same ti

2023 - Week 40

I felt a touch rough on Monday. After exchanging some shoes, I needed electrolytes. The heat with the egg thing made me a bit nauseus. I had lots of fluids before having noodles for dinner. That made me feel better. When Tuesday came about, I was looking forward to what I might be learning at GSL curling in the evening. I was also excited to being on the ice as a break from the unseasonal heat. It's spooky season! It's supposed to be a cool and cuddly time. We should be wearing hoodies (or bunny hugs if you prefer). Instead, I was sweating in jeans as I simply walked from my condo building to my car. Wednesday's plan was streaming, but I also hoped to fit an exchange at Home Depot in as I got the wrong shelf size for a project. Really, my original plan for something didn't work, so I was choosing to go a different way. I did stream, but I didn't get to Home Depot. Thursday featured work followed by packing for my spooky weekend away with friends. I got my oil and my

2023 - Week 39

Starting curling season out right with this lovely gift from a friend and Bengal Spice tea. Normally, I work in-office on Mondays, but after such a busy week, I couldn't deal with an environment filled with distraction and socializing. Most of my team wouldn't be in anyway, so there wasn't a lot of point to making the transit trip. I spent the day working, catching up around Tiny Condo, taking in another Scrivener webinar, playing Minecraft, and attending my friend Danielle Allard's studio stream. The webinar was focused on using Scrivener as a tool for academic writing, but he demonstrated some features that are making it easier for me to continue reorganizing my novel into scenes. Later, I set up my Google calendar with the dates for round 1 of Rainbow Rockers (RR) curling. On Tuesday, I pulled the Death card for a second day in a row. I try to do a daily tarot though sometimes I forget. I know it's random and woo, but it's interesting that lately I've pul