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2023 - Week 43

Monday was partly in-office and partly at home. I was able to clear my inbox, which had me feeling quite relieved. I ended the workday with the completion of the 2SLGBTQI+ Trivia PowerPoint that I'd been working on for a while. It's for an upcoming diversity event at work. The date is TBD. It was also studio day for my friend, so I hung out in her Discord server as they finalized another one of the songs for one of her upcoming albums. 

My new curling gripper came along with earrings I've been wanting:

I spent some time in a Twitch channel focused on costume making. I liked it and will visit again. I think I can learn a lot there to further improve my sewing skills, which is something I've wanted to do for a long time.

I didn't sleep well after about 2:00 AM. I kept waking up, so I let myself sleep until 8:30 AM before starting work on Tuesday. I had found a new lead to getting my ADHD medicated, so I was eager to get on it. I got an appointment for the afternoon and it wasn't cancelled. It was even covered by OHIP for the most part beyond an admin fee and they let me submit my diagnosis report, which will finally be a part of my medical record. But I didn't let myself get too hopeful as I've been let down too many times in this province that seems hell bent on turning the medical system into a for-profit model. The female doctor* sent me for some lab tests and pending the results of those, I'll be getting meds and a specialist referral!

I visited with my non-theistic religious group before heading off to GSL Curling where I almost made a takeout shot! My trainer of the night was really impressed by that and so were several friends. We were on the ice later than usual to complete our 2-end game, so I didn't stay for a drink. GSL runs 8:45 PM to 10:45 PM and I was exhausted after not sleeping much anyway.

Wednesday was a bit of a blur in terms of my workday, but I had a wonderful evening with a friend having dinner, shopping at Spirit Halloween, and visiting with her and her partner. He told me I need to do less and I absolutely agree, but October is always a heavy month for me. I didn't end up streaming, but spending time with a friend was exactly what I needed.

Thursday was steady at work and I was contacted about the specialist appointment, so I have that next weekend! I set up a new view in OBS for my stream and finally found a way to use my phone as another camera. I hoped that meant I was ready for Dinosaur Streamfest 17! I planned to start a new quilt on stream.

Friday was a Halloween Party for women who love women. I only had orange eyeshadow to colour my face with, but it worked enough. Not enough to win the contest, but enough to have a fun night.

Genderbent Sam from Trick 'r Treat.

I won a blanket! 

I had fun, but halfway through the night the introvert in me wanted to be in PJs at home and  I also wished I was cuddling with someone instead of being out. The hazards of being a romantic at heart. I'm actually not much for the bar/club scene and usually prefer a small house gathering or a movie. I want a cuddle buddy, but a lot of the scene is polyamourous and I'm not.

Saturday started roughly after being out drinking the night before. I was pretty disciplined and didn't get too drunk since I was streaming the next day. In the morning, I managed to buckle down and get my streaming area into a nicer shape. I had to redo my setup as my phone quickly got too warm and I realized that my laptop needed to be in a different place. I also had gotten new curtains that needed to be put up. And I wanted a pumpkin as I hadn't carved one in a long time.

A jail themed pumpkin to commemorate jail tours with friends.

It all came together and it was a lovely short stream with the Dinos. I think it was the first stream I've had that went smoothly. Part of that is owed to Danielle Allard's mods because they helped me change a couple of settings (fps and bitrate) that made it less laggy. I had hoped to use one of my Xbox cameras, and for months I thought it was a USB connection, so that would be possible. I finally remembered where my Xbox cameras were (spoiler, in the exact cabinet they should be in - ADHD & object permanance). Anyway, they are not at all USB connections though they may use that technology on the circuit board/bus. After stream, I decided I really wanted to do more art and crafting streams, so I ordered an inexpensive Logitech C270 for it. I will just need to figure out mounting options.

Sunday was the post Dinosaur Streamfest hang out before curling. I had spent time on Saturday lining up spares because my team all had to bail (injury, away, family emergency). Some friends came and helped out and we won though it didn't count because we have to have at least two of the rostered team members there. I felt like I was messing up a lot in the first half of the game, but I improved by the end. I had to adjust my glasses, so they'd stop falling down when I was in the hack. I do have a glasses strap for this, but I forgot it in my coat pocket and it's quite far from the ice. I'm still working on actually making a takeout shot. I was close on Tuesday and close on Sunday. Hopefully I'll get it soon. When I arrived home, my crafting camera had already arrived. I wanted to get to planning a mount, but I was tired after a month of too many things on the go. I will probably need a couple of options for different placings. Food and a shower were in order anyway. I played some Among Us with the Dinos before heading to bed and I was the imposter a few times.


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