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2024 - Week 13

Arts & Crafts Craft night had me learning crochet. I think having a live human help me really made some things click. I spent a good chunk of Friday working on my rainbow dinosaur kit. My friend called the supplied kit yarn, t-shirt yarn. I was finding it hurts my hands more than yarn usually does when I knit, but I also felt like if I stopped, I might forget everything I had learned like every other time. Luckily, I didn't have to do a magic loop for the beginning because the kit had it done for me. This helped with knowing how much tension I should have on the rest of "Fred the Dino." I learned that I shouldn't use pliers to try and pull the yarn through when I was doing the arms. Well, arm number two. The first arm worked just fine. The second needed three attempts. On one of those, the yarn just would not pull through and using pliers brought the arm inside the dino and I had to cut it off and try again. No pliers in crochet! I had to straighten the darning ne

2024 - Week 12

It's hard to believe that the first quarter of the year is almost over.  Arts & Crafts I currently want to craft all the things at once. I'm so excited by all the projects on my to-do list that it's hard to focus on just one. I finished PWHL Scarf. It seems like it may be too short for me. I need to block it before I can join it together and be sure on that. My weekly queer craft group was a good place to be while I am dealing with all that I am. Well, until my arm really started to hurt and I had to stop, but the conversation was good.  Decluttering & Minimalism One of the things some people get wrong about minimalism is that they think every space needs to be devoid of everything. Sometimes it's more about making an improvement to your space that makes what you already have function better for you. This week, I got new chair wheels that don't get clogged up by things like carpets and blankets. I was spending way too much time fighting with traditional cast

2024 - Week 11

This week began with the annual Mayfair Theatre Oscars Watch Party. A friend wanted to share the trivia wealth and let me grab a prize. I thought I was selecting a piece of a horror film reel.  I suppose it's about a horrifying piece of women's health history made extra by being turned into a Rom-Com. I haven't seen the movie, but the concept seems a bit tone deaf considering all the difficulties women still have being taken seriously by the medical community. Speaking of women's history, last week ended with International Women's Day and this is Women's History Month. One of the events I went to didn't sit well with me. There were no women like me there. Butches deserve representation. A lot of women have no interest in looking like a Kardashian. There was an American woman who proceeded to tell us that women should always do things with grace. I felt like telling her, "Honey, the only grace I need in my life is Grace Zumwinkle." It

2024 - Week 10

Oh, Hi, March! This is a busy month at work as I try to finish all the 2023 things and set up the 2024 things. I'm pushing forward on my goals outside of work anyway. Maybe that's a bit silly given still being injured on top of it all, but I'm getting so close to just being able to relax much more often, which also means I'll have more time for guilt free creating. Arts & Crafts I don't really have an excuse for why I haven't finished my PWHL Scarf yet other than that I didn't feel like knitting at my queer craft group and I have gotten sucked into this sticker bomb project. It's addictive once you get going! Three of the four doors are ready for sealing. I will finish the fourth and then find time and spare to clear coat them all two to three times. When? Your guess is as good as mine. I started bringing my Fairy Cross-Stitch to the queer craft night. The room is very bright, so it's ideal for it. That is also the craft project I've been wor

2024 - Week 9

The week felt really long.  Arts & Crafts My calendar was looking quite packed, so I wasn't sure if I would get the time to reclaim my crafting space or not. Luckily, I had Friday afternoon off because I have some vacation I need to use up. I've got time off every Friday in March and I'm looking forward to it. I began reclaiming it on Thursday, so I could relax more on Friday as I had that earmarked for reading and relaxing. On stream, I began sticker bombing the doors of my media cabinet. One has dinosaurs. Another has games and music. Door three has neon stickers. The final door will have pride stickers on it. I didn't get started on it. I also ran out of stickers, and had to wait for more to arrive. I'll be working on it more during the week and I will likely not finish it on stream as I'd like to get my doors back onto my cabinet as soon as possible. The craft is a mix of fun and frustration. Decluttering & Minimalism I took it somewhat easily this w