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2023 - Week 47

I'm going back to a more organized topic-based post style as I'm sure some readers don't care about my curling adventures or my gaming or whatever. ADHD Update I lost 11 lbs in 18 days because the appetite loss thing with my meds made me entirely forget to eat lunch on most days. I figured it wasn't entirely terrible on my low activity days. If I felt light-headed, I took that as a sign that I probably needed a snack. I grazed most of the day until the evening when I actually got hungry. This can be normal with ADHD meds for the first month, so I wasn't too worried about it. {I should've been worried about it} Overall, my mood was improved. I'm pretty sure the last couple years of dealing with untreated ADHD coupled with having to fill multiple roles at work had me burned out. It's no wonder I couldn't create much or complete some of my other goals.  Some days, my meds made me quite sleepy and a nap was just the thing. Yeah, maybe it's weird to s

2023 - Week 46

Monday was a floater holiday for me. I take this one every year in the hopes that I will get some writing done on whatever I'm working on for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I also had some errands to do. I visited a friend to get my documents sorted for my passport (again). Yeah, an unfortunate moment, where a signature box was missed, had me have to resend part of the application. I was quite embarrassed about this. I'm so very thankful I have awesome friends. If you're into house music and such, check out DJ Little Fever on Twitch because he's an awesome human I've known for 25 years. Yeah, we had to do the math. He also does irl gigs. After my errands, I tried to write, but I was falling asleep, so I headed for a nap. I've been a bit tired since I updated my vaccines and then injured myself. Unfortunately, late Monday evening I learned about a scandal involving NaNoWriMo and children , so I have since deleted my account. Several other friends have

Eleven Years

Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay. Eleven years ago I made a tough decision and got out of a bad situation. Five months later, I moved to Ottawa and began rediscovering myself. The following November, I began writing the first novel of a series. I'm still editing that novel, but in that time I: - Attained a blue belt level in karate - Bought a condo. - Got my full G license. - Played a season of roller derby on a championship house level team. - Got to Nidan level in Iaido. - Got to Ikkyu level in Jodo. - Won 2 bronze medals in Iaido tournaments. - Had some short stories published by small presses. - Was restructured out of the job I had moved to Ottawa for. - Returned to school for Scriptwriting. - Tried some other martial arts. - Attempted piano lessons with several instructors. - Got into guitar and ukulele for a bit. - Reached a semi-final level in a screenplay contest. - Got a new job with a wonderful team of people. - Had a number of relationships. - Survived the pandemic

2023 - Week 45

Was this the beginning of another full week? That has been the trend. At the start of the week, I had mainly curling on tap along with my usual biweekly meet up with my non-theistic congregation. Monday, I lost some time waiting to get my ADHD meds. The doctor had told me he would send the prescription to my pharmacy and I'd be able to get them first thing in the morning. Remember that old saying where if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is? Well, somewhere between the pharmacy and the doctor's office, the prescription didn't arrive. That had me leaving a message with the doctor's office, later explaining that it's my first rather than a refill, and the staff resending it to the pharmacy. When I initially tried calling the pharmacy an hour or so later, there was no answer. So I tried again two hours later. Then I got through and I was able to pick them up after work. It's a good thing I had gotten some groceries in the morning including some Red Bull t

2023 - Week 44

Exhausted from the weeks prior, Monday was a bit slow moving for me. The first snow had occurred and neither I nor the squirrel who habitually visits my deck were having it. Squirrel pictured here for posterity: By noon, the snow had mostly melted away and the grey, nearly November sky held clouds that would likely bring more of the fluffy, white, precipitation. Some friends were delighted to be heading into the colder months, while others dreaded the emotional and mental impacts of the winter season. I was personally looking forward to more time at home for crafting, gaming, reading, streaming, and writing. I was also looking forward to the hearty, comfort foods of the season like soups, stews, and chilis. As tired as I was, I also wanted to get things done around Tiny Condo. Those things included installing a curtain wall and slightly moving my desk. I was quickly able to come up with a mount for my crafting camera using a cross-stitch frame that I didn't love using for cross-sti