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2023 - Week 45

Was this the beginning of another full week? That has been the trend. At the start of the week, I had mainly curling on tap along with my usual biweekly meet up with my non-theistic congregation.

Monday, I lost some time waiting to get my ADHD meds. The doctor had told me he would send the prescription to my pharmacy and I'd be able to get them first thing in the morning. Remember that old saying where if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is? Well, somewhere between the pharmacy and the doctor's office, the prescription didn't arrive. That had me leaving a message with the doctor's office, later explaining that it's my first rather than a refill, and the staff resending it to the pharmacy. When I initially tried calling the pharmacy an hour or so later, there was no answer. So I tried again two hours later. Then I got through and I was able to pick them up after work. It's a good thing I had gotten some groceries in the morning including some Red Bull to help me survive the work day.

On Tuesday, I was able to take my first dose. I thought it would be too early to tell if it was doing anything or if I just had some extra dopamine from the excitement of finally getting help for the thing I've long suspected was plagueing me. Well, my work inbox was mostly cleared early in the day and I could do little organizational things to improve my workflow. This is something I used to do quite naturally prior to getting off of these meds over a decade ago. I actually enjoy organizing when I'm not overwhelmed by my ADHD. And I have been overwhelmed for a long time with it. Yes, there are a lot of aspects of ADHD that are managed well with diet, exercise, and CBT, but for me, home chores and staying organized are not good without the meds. I think I'm also weak in that area because my mom was never good at it and the other modeling I had around it was extreme on the other side, so I don't really have a good idea what is normal and reasonable there. It's a thing I'm working on getting better at. With all of that, I haven't been trying to seriously date in a while as I want my home cleaner and cozier before I have someone over.

The evening held GSL curling and I was excited to see what we would be learning. We are slowly doing more game time vs skills practice. In the winter, we are supposed to be doing just games with our teachers there still helping us understand scenarios and strategy.

Well, curling mostly went well. My sliding stance has vastly improved. Near the end of the night, I slipped as I came out of the hack (those feet things we push off from) and my shoulder got messed up. I didn't know how long I'd be unable to play for. Come Wednesday, it hurt to raise my arm overhead and it hurt to stretch it out in front of me. Even just moving over to use a mouse hurt. And my neck wasn't feeling the best either. Aleve and rest helped some, but I was sure I shouldn't play on the weekend and proceeded to try and line up physio and spares.

Since I was broken, I spent some extra time doing Duolingo. I realized that I wasn't enjoying Scottish Gaelic and switched to Latin. I'm also working on Japanese for fun and French for future work options. I've gone the furthest in French. I figure Latin may not be fun, but just a couple of lessons has me seeing connections with other languages. As an example, dormit means sleeping in both French and Latin, but they are pronounced differently and Latin doesn't seem to conjugate so much. So dormit also means sleeps in another context.

After work on Wednesday, I enjoyed playing Diablo IV. It was an OK activity despite the pain I was in. It brought some relief in the form of distraction.

On Thursday, I began physio. I was pretty sore and tired, so I didn't end up getting out to see my friend's band play at House of Targ like originally planned. The weather was shit anyway and I was super behind on NaNoWriMo. I didn't catch up, but I really enjoyed writing one of the stories I'm working on.

I got my work done in the morning on Friday and spent lunch hour working on my burrs-all-over-my-felt-coat problem. I got a lot of them out by soaking them in hot water and using gloves and a fine tooth comb. I washed it to get a little more out and then it was all tweezers from there. I did try duct tape before the tweezers, but it was not helpful. Never wear a felt coat on a trail walk because it just might turn into a hike in the woods. That's my lesson learned. I did get waterproof socks for the future. Yeah, also don't wear breathable running shoes. I think those need a second wash. 

On Saturday, I was hoping to have my felt coat ready to use, but I was too sore and decided it was silly to push it. I was just going to watch my team curl anyway. The score was 8-3 for the other team. I didn't get a lot of writing done. I needed a break from everything and played some Minecraft in the evening instead.

Sunday's plan was to retrieve some packages that had come in and go watch my team play again. Later on, I felt like a nap was more important because I could get the packages the following day. I was able to lift my arm much more. I had a beer while I watched my team play and some of the others. We lost, but I got to catch up with some friends I hadn't seen in a bit and that was nice.


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