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Comments Are Disabled

Image by Muhnaufals on Pixabay Due to the following spammer, I've disabled comments on my blog as I'm way too busy for nonsense.  If you want to reach out to me, I encourage you to contact me through my contact form or via my social media accounts or to comment where I share my blog posts, namely on my Facebook account or through Goodreads. I'm currently most active on Instagram and Facebook. Google, please let people block individual problem people on our blogs. Ayesha please get a new hobby. I suppose I now have one less thing I need to moderate.

Excited And Expectant

I could finally order the musical equipment that I've been wanting, so I'm very excited to get using it. I retrieved it today from the post office. This took two trips as it came in two packages despite being ordered together as one bundle. Sometimes the world really doesn't make sense to me. YOU CAN'T CALL IT A BUNDLE IF IT'S NOT BUNDLED!!! We've entered the time of year where I try not to ship a lot directly to my home because people in my building steal things leading up to Christmas. I don't know if this is out of desperation to provide gifts they can't actually afford to buy or if they just don't want to spend money or if there's some other reason, but it's not cool at all. I have a rug coming to make my office, which is also my streaming and music space, cozier and to have the floor itself appear distinctly separate from the rest of my condo. After seeing a comment on a friend's Facebook post, I thought it might be neat to share whe

My Truth

Image by Victoria rt on Pixabay   A decade ago, I made the decision to end my marriage. Increasingly, over the time we were together, he grew less kind and being in the relationship was destroying me as a person. Gaslighting was something that I only fully understood once a certain US President was in office, so I didn't have the words I needed at the time to describe what I was going through.  I tried asking him to be kinder on many occasions. He was dismissive and argumentative. Once my voice failed me, I wrote letters. He'd read them and dismiss my concerns.  It's not that there weren't good times. There absolutely were. But those happened less and less frequently. As one might expect, I wasn't exactly in the mood to be intimate often given how I was usually feeling. To compound things, I hadn't realized I was gay yet and I wasn't over the miscarriage I had had the previous year. By the time I chose to leave, we had tried counseling, which he gave up on

The Gauntlet That Was October

I had a lot of things happen in October. I watched Frankenstein in the cemetery with friends. I had tea with a friend. I started a new sport: curling. This is really fun and I'm enjoying the level of activity it provides and all the strategic elements. I'll do a separate post on it soon. Unfortunately, soon after my first game, I came down with Covid and so did the friend who I had tea with, so I think we both caught it at the place we went to. That wasn't fun. I already posted about that. I was fortunate to be free of it in time to attend Can-Con where I took in lots of panels, saw some of the wonderful writer community, bought many new books, and volunteered to help out in the rooms. The following weekend, I went to the livestream for Danielle Allard's new album release, followed by the in person release. As part of this, she has a 6 video series that releases every Sunday on her YouTube at 1:15 PM EDT. Video number 2, Falling Into Place, is one that I feel fortunate