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2023 - Week 37

Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay. The focus of this week at home was to get my main living area reorganized. As a full week was ahead of me, I knew I wasn't likely to get a lot more done, but just having my furniture in the right places would make me feel better about the state of Tiny Condo. This started with purging the awful excuse for a gaming chair that I had for a bit. It was uncomfortable, the arms broke, and the vinyl on it was flimsy. Monday was bulk item day for this month at my building. I missed it the previous month and made sure not to miss it again. Monday evening and quite a bit of Tuesday was spent on getting set up and though I was quite sore, I felt happy to be making a huge amount of progress. On Monday, I got my desk and seating into the living room. On Tuesday, I relocated my air conditioner to my new music space. I cleaned the windows in the living room (from the inside). I set up some of my music items in the music room. I wanted to do more, but my back wa
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2023 - Week 36

This week I've made a bigger mess at home in order to get it in order. Breaking a few eggs and all that. I relocated my headboard to my bedroom, so it's actually a headboard again. I was using it as an art shelf for my very large Doré print of Souvenir of Loch Lomand . It became my favourite after an enjoyable date at the National Gallery many years ago. I switched to a couple of large hooks once I figured out how high to put them on the wall. This reclaimed 11 inches of space between my TV and my daybed/couch, while making my bedroom feel more complete. It wasn't without a fight. The hooks come with the part that is screwed onto the wall flipped from how it needs to go on the wall. They also didn't come with enough screws to keep them in place correctly. I also had to get two new surge protectors that had flat plug heads on them or I wouldn't have been able to have my daybed couch against the wall. At least I found a deal on those, but talk about spending money I w

2023 - Week 35

Early in the week, I read some posts online that suggested we are supposed to be the most unhappy in our 40s. That has not been my experience despite the increase in thoughts of mortality and questions about the whole of existence, which are normal in middle age. Yeah, apparently 40 is middle age, so I've been in it for a little while. I spent my 20s attached then married, my 30s healing from that, and in my 40s, I feel like my life is improving by the day.  Does that mean everything is perfect? Nope. But I am putting a lot of effort into building a foundation for my creative efforts and that is bringing me a deep sense of happiness because I've yearned to reach these steps for so many years. Starting a newsletter has been helpful for accountability. Joining team sports has also been helpful for my self-esteem, my social life, and my self-improvement. Learning to work better with my brain is making my everyday a little bit smoother. I still have meltdowns from time to time and

2023 - Weeks 33 and 34

Since Week 32 was a vacation week where I just spent time with family and did very low key things like thrifting, I'm skipping that one. Week 33 started with a vacation day to recover from the vacation. Since then, I've been working hard on my decluttering efforts. I should be writing, but I'm finally making progress in this other area that has been such a pain point for me.  I began reorganizing my living room. First, I moved my rowing machine into my bedroom next to where I keep all my sporty items. Once that was out of the living room, I could better see the rest of the room, what needed to be moved around, and I could move it around, so I did. I moved my sewing desk near my balcony door, which was swapped with the cabinet that was there before. That cabinet is closer to my TV area, which makes great sense since my movies and liquor are in and on it. I moved my IKEA PS unit that holds my music related items like small instruments, sheet music, and cables. I was using it


It's unorthodox, but I'm starting this review with some of the technical aspects that are often overlooked.  The set design was phenomenal. They pretty much travel with a stage they place on top of the venue's stage. There is a rotating piece that adds to the action on stage. Two of the massive winged seated sections move as well, which adds to the atmosphere. I enjoyed seeing the band on stage as part of the show rather than stuck in an orchestra pit where no one can see how much they contribute. Hades was well cast. His deep voice was perfectly chosen to effectively capture the essence of this powerful god. Eurydice was hot. She was my favourite singer and I loved the duet with Orpheus. She was also an accomplished dancer. Orpheus was well cast. He had a sweet innocence about him. His voice was reminicent of Jaskier from The Witcher . I found Hermes just OK for me. I felt like something was missing with his performance or perhaps the issue was that the transit

2023 - Week 31

Monday Work Life: My document is indeed ready for publishing. Mood: Relieved. New admin things that have lots of steps are hard for me to learn and complete. I survived though! Home Life: I did a bunch of work on the July playlist for the next edition of my newsletter. I also got back to my Fairy Cross-Stitch project. If you want to see how that is going or to hear the playlist, please sign up for my monthly newsletter. Tuesday Work Life: We had a very productive meeting on issues we had last year and great ideas on how to improve the process. Of course, now that I'm in a different role, it doesn't help me a ton, but at least things are improving. Mood: My mood isn't the best today. I don't really want to do anything, but I don't want to let other people down. Home Life: It helped to go out and see my goth friends even though I was wanting to stay home. Wednesday Work Life: It was a pretty typical Wednesday. Most things are waiting for other people. Mood: Frustrate

2023 - Week 30

Monday Work Life: I was thankful that I didn't need to be physically in the office given that the LRT is broken. It's truly awful at this point. On Thursday, a woman who had been struck by one of the replacement buses, succumbed to her injuries. These things shouldn't be happening regardless of the LRT, but it feels like there is yet another tragedy connected to it. She was only 26-years-old. Mood: I was anxious about not having practiced enough before the jam, but I realized it's OK to be a beginner. I think I had been placing extra stress on myself to be further along in music than I am because I used to play in music classes and  in brass band. But I'm learning new things and I'm trying to create as well. I was putting myself under pressure like that because perfectionism isn't uncommon with ADHD. It's a way I have masked how much of a dumpster fire I think I can be at times. But I'm not a dumpster fires and I shouldn't feel shame for struggli