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May Long Weekend 2022

It's a long weekend in Canada. Friday and Saturday were quite warm. Saturday ended with a severe thunderstorm that has uprooted trees and knocked out power across the city. Two deaths have been reported. I spoke with a tree removal service who is working with hydro and several hydro megastructures were twisted up. No one knows how long the power will be out in any area of the city. I'm in a little pocket with power, but nothing around me has power. Because much of the infrastructure is messed up, I have no internet.  Yesterday, I finished the edits on chapter 13. It turned out not to need too much as it was mainly what I had named something that was bothering me. I also tried a number of video games and didn't enjoy the bulk of them. I'm glad that many were around $5, so I didn't lose out too badly. I'd really like to game right now, but most of my consoles require Internet. I know I'm luckier than most of the city. It's a good time to catch up around th
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First Heat Wave of 2022

I'm finding it difficult to do anything during this heat wave beyond watch TV, game, and read. We've been having weather that is more typical of July. I like that we are having warm days, but a couple of weeks ago, we had snow. It would be nice to gradually acclimatize to the really hot weather! My keys lesson when well on Thursday. It definitely helped me feel better after a tough week between having my first Mother's Day without my mother, a hectic work week, and having to commute on Tuesday to a friend's house because they had to cut the power in my building all day in order to work on the building's electrical panel. Tuesday was productive even with a dance party in the other room. My buddy is a DJ. Actually, dance music was quite motivating in the early morning. And it was so nice to spend time with their kids when they got home from school. We used to get together all the time and then Covid happened. Tomorrow begins an exercise challenge at work, which I'

Review: The Descent

Image from IMDB. I've been watching horror films for more than 30 years now and very few of them actually scare me. Fewer still are the ones that continue to terrify me long after I've watched them. A handful of films have done this in recent years including Get Out , Insidious , and The Platform , but I ultimately got over them. Get Out didn't scare me per se, but it was more shocking and I truly appreciate the craftsmanship that went into it from all disciplines. But The Descent continues to linger with me and it's been well over a year since I watched it. The basic premise is that a group of women go on an adventure to reconnect with each other. Their choice of activity is spelunking. This quickly turns to misadventure as the group gradually shrinks. Thematically, it's a man vs man and a man vs nature tale. The nature part being differently evolved humanoids. But it's also an allegory for the divisiveness we see in society today. These humanoids are brutall

Mother's Day 2022

Mother's Day isn't easy when you've lost yours, but there are hopefully many other people in one's life who fill aspects of that role. Moms do a lot more than wipe butts, clean houses, and cook. The people who: - will listen to you talk about the dumbest stuff - regularly check that you're OK - are there to help you through tough times - help you grow as a person - help you make sense of this wacky world - cheer you on toward success - celebrate your accomplishments - help you make tough choices - encourage you to practice self care - drive you places no matter the cost of gas What would you add to this list? Please check out my digital to-do list:


The last couple of months had me struggling.  I was burned out at work and with my writing. Then an event I was lightly involved with planning happened and it was like a reset button for me. I had such a good time with friends that it reinvigorated me and despite being a bit hungover the next day, I wrote a chapter on a passion project. On Monday, I decluttered my schedule and started fresh. I was able to shift things around to give myself time to do all the activities I love most. Thursday was the only day I really struggled to get everything in because I had my keys lesson and a learning event related to eventually streaming games. I've since completed the edits on chapter twelve, which originally ended in a way I was never happy with, but hadn't figured out how to improve yet. Sometimes a writer just needs more time living in order to write what a story needs. I'm very pleased with where I ended up in this chapter. This is probably ambitious, but I put together a list of

Scooting Along

Saturday was my last beginner scooter lesson. I missed two in the middle due to a mild concussion and the actual final one is happening when I have an event, so that's it for me.  I love scooter. It's hard to explain, but it just works for me despite chronic pain and hypermobility.  For my last lesson, I avoided most ramp work. I worked on jumps and was able to jump off boxes. A young man offered to give me a scooter deck next time I see him as I was leaving. He borrowed mine for a moment and easily did the trick I had been trying to do for much of the hour I was there, which was a tailwhip. The trick takes much of the body as it needs the scooter deck kicked out and swung around as the rider jumps ideally back onto it after it circles around fully. I can do about a quarter of one right now. Though I enjoyed the lessons, I'm also happy they are done as I like keeping my Saturdays free for the possibility of adventures. And I prefer to go on ladies night when I might meet a

Easter 2022

After several hectic weeks at work, I happily slept in on Friday and eased into the day. Following that, I got a lot of decluttering done, some knitting, rehomed my books in a reorganized office space, repotted all my plants, wrote a ritual for the full moon, watched several episodes of Supergirl , paid a parking ticket, and made a lovely dinner of top sirloin with rapini and seasoned creamer potatoes.  Saturday was a mix of decluttering, chores, and was capped off with a little full moon ritual and some homemade lemon wine a friend gifted me.  Sunday was a very chill day. I did a lot of relaxing. I gamed and watched more Supergirl . I'm now close to finished Season 6. I also tried to do my drawing homework, but the assignment is a special kind of collage using tape to transfer an image and my tape isn't doing what it's supposed to, so I'm stuck there. Today, I was an extra in Lee Demarbre's Enter the Drag Dragon . This was a returning role. In the summer, I was an