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Slashing Goals

Lots of updates. Last week was a bit of a tire-ing week. That was terrible and I'm not sorry about it. Declutter I took a slight detour on this goal and decluttered my balcony. I felt it was important for my mental health to have a little outdoor space and it was a quick thing. It's funny how I can dread something that ends up only taking a couple of hours.  I keep putting off listing items because I keep having things to do that take me away from home. I don't like to waste my time or anyone else's. Still, I should just get them up there. I'll feel better and hopefully they won't take to long to get rid of. Goal 1: Put items up on marketplace. [July] Goal 2: Plan next steps in the declutter. Finances My tires have been changed and the winters have been stored. I felt quite unburdened after I got this done. Almost like I was finally getting my shit together. I'm not sure I can really afford the calipers right now with the Bank of Canada changing rates and su

Making Space

So I'm almost ready to start listing some large items for sale to hopefully get some space and cash back. Today though, I did some work on making my balcony a nicer space. I bought a little hand broom to clean up the dirt that got all over. I also got some large planters, which I hope one day will have plants in them. There seems to be a plant shortage for full sun varieties in my area. My timing is impeccable as usual. But I did manage to find some cute little succulents for pots I already had and just this change has me feeling pretty happy. I'm planning to make much better use of the space. I also got a yoga mat for working out there as I thought it could be a nice way to start my days. And I thought I could even use my little practice sword out there. It's a mini fukuro shinai, for those interested. Of course there is definitely going to be some reading, drinking, chilling, and maybe even some ukulele too. This week, I got my tires changed finall

Mega Update + R3 Goals

It's been an odd, but mostly good week for me. Also, quite an eventful one. Declutter I have reclaimed my reading chair finally. I'm looking forward to making use of it! I have several larger items I need to sell in order to get my living room, hallway, and entrance back. my tiny condo feels extra tiny right now. One item, a friend will be helping me with later in the month, but I'm hoping I can get the rest gone before then and get a little bit of cash to put on my credit card. Goal 1: Put items up on marketplace. [July] Goal 2: Plan next steps in the declutter. [August] Finances This morning, I sent my last payment to OSAP. Now I can focus on other debts more than I have been. My CPAP was covered despite only having mild Sleep Apnea, so that's excellent! With my student loans gone, I can make a plan for the rest, though I have one more major expense to deal with and that is the calipers on my car. With some luck, I can hit it all much harder though.  Goal

The July Long Weekend: 2022 Edition

Friday was Canada Day. I had a lovely time with a small group of friends not far from Lebreton Flats. Drinks were had on a deck in a back garden, which became more magical as the night went on and the bats and fireflies graced us with their presence. Though I'm not a big fireworks person, I enjoyed seeing them. It was nice being out of the house and in an area where the convoy people were not. Saturday brought an evening to network with alumni from Screenwriting. It was really good to meet people I had only previously talked to on Zoom. I enjoyed being outside on a deck in a green space again. I should get some plants for my balcony to make it a more restorative place to be. They will be succulents because it gets full sun and everything else will die. The fun night was marred by a hateful man who got off at the Lees station just after midnight, looked directly into my eyes, and threw an empty drug vial in at me through the open doors. I spoke to two OC transpo employees and gave t

Canada Day 2022

Image by Vishnu Vijayan on Pixabay I'm not celebrating Canada on this Canada Day. I'm not celebrating the history of a country who has so much to fix in how it treats its Indigenous People. I'm not celebrating a country where a nationalist faction held my city hostage for several months and continues to attempt to do so. I'm not celebrating a country where I as a gay woman was made to feel like I have to worry about persecution over my sexual orientation by that same nationalist faction in what is one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly places in the world. Canada, to me, was always about a beautiful mosaic of differences. Differences that made the country a wonderful place to live. We have some serious things to fix. I am spending today with friends I've hardly seen due to necessary pandemic precautions we all took to ensure we all stayed alive. I am also enjoying a day off in summer. But that's all today means to me right now. I hope the future brings a place where ha