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2023 - Week 51

It's Yule and it has been so hard to focus on work this week. Everyone should give themselves a pat on the back for getting this far. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay. 2SLGBTQIA+ News This week in 2SLGBTQIA+ News, Pope Francis declared that Catholic priests can bless same sex couples, but not in conjunction with a wedding or civil union because he maintains that only one man and one woman can marry each other. What a load of bullshit. I'm not a Big 3 believer, but I did attend Catholic school as a child and went to church on occasion. Anyway, there are a lot of other options that don't involve adding the, "hate the sin, not the sinner," crap to your already challenging existence. And there are a lot of options that celebrate gay marriage just as much as straight marriage. The Catholic religion also has a bad record involving child molestation, so there is even more reason to seek spiritual and moral guidance elsewhere. Furthermore, marriage is a legal contract.

2023 - Week 50

Holy crap, 2023 is almost over! It's a good thing too. I can't handle much more of it. ADHD Update I have had a headache from time to time and I can't tell if that is the med or the stress, but having some electrolytes seems to help it some. I read that these types of meds can deplete potassium. I also got a bit of milk rash, so I've started taking lactase pills and hope that it will stop that from happening or I'll need a different form that doesn't have lactose in it. This rash issue is common with me and medications, so it's not unexpected at all and is more annoying than anything, but  it could become concerning. Curling GSL was a bit frustrating. I felt like I just couldn't get my rocks where they were wanted. I also still haven't made a takeout shot. A friend was there and he took a video of me, so I learned I have been a little left of the target. I've let my skip at Rainbow know, so that we can work on that. I've been trying second po

2023 - Week 49

This week was been stressful, but I managed to get some things off of my to-do list. It was also the official start of holiday event season for me. My first event was a paint nite with friends. We gifted each other a painting. Below is the one I painted. It was gifted to my friend Cat. Yes, the bunnies are shaped like snowmen. They're aliens pretending to fit in on Earth during the holiday season, but don't quite have things right. The red balls were added after this. The one I took home was painted by my friend Jennifer and it's metal AF. Truthfully, I'm not much for the holiday season at all. If it were up to me, I would've stopped the whole gift thing many years ago. My brothers and I are all adults. I'm the youngest. None of us have children currently. Neither brother plans to. With the right person, I'm open to it. I care more about spending quality time together and having tasty food than I do about getting gifts. I wish we could all just buy ourselves

The Whole Car Recall Saga - Part I

This year, my car has been a bit off. It was noisy during my road trip with friends in October, but it wasn't having any other symptoms. I had changed out the engine filter and the cabin filter because it sounded like it was straining a bit. That seemed to improve it, though didn't fully correct it. Recently, the engine light turned on as it always does at this time of the year. Then it turned off again. It has never enjoyed the winter weather. The steering gets briefly tight and then it accepts winter and is fine. Well, after turning itself off, it turned on again. I still wasn't worried because the weather had been up and down prior to the first snowstorm of the year. But then I recently noticed a burning smell. It didn't smell like when the brakes get hot. It smelled more like burning plastic. It's never smelled like that before. Anyway, I had the winter tires put on last week. On Saturday, I checked my mail and found a recall notice about a part that causes engi

2023 - Week 48

This week began roughly as I was still clearing the bad med from my system at the start of it, so I was quite tired. Overall, I was hopeful for better days ahead.  ADHD Update My biggest priority this week was to get my meds situation sorted out. On Saturday, I had left a message asking for an appointment with my psychiatrist. They called on Monday and booked me in for the afternoon. The new plan was to try a different stimulant type. Vyvanse is an amphetamine type, and that was very bad. Next up was Concerta, which is methylphenidate based like Ritalin, but lasts longer. I started it on Wednesday at the lowest dosage. Early on, I felt like I was reasonably able to get back to my life. My head did feel a bit odd, but not like it did with Vyvanse. It was milder. It's normal to have some odd feelings up there as it helps fix the dopamine issue. I didn't want to get my hopes up though as I had felt OK very early on with Vyvanse. Dose one had some of the same side effects, but at s


I've gotten my season tickets for the inaugural season of the Professional Women's Hockey League. I had put my deposit down as soon as it was open. Am I a hockey superfan? No. I enjoy hockey. I started watching it quite a lot during my divorce. I also used to practice my slapshot against the foundation of our house when I was an angst-filled teen. I care about women in sport having amazing opportunities like this. Anyway, some people in the comments section on the posts are truly something. The league posted the schedule, which was more of a calendar without time blocks listed. They happened to post that on the day that priority purchasing was opened for the season tickets.  So then there are a bunch of people who didn't put deposits down that were complaining they can't buy tickets yet. Makes total sense 😒 And then there were a bunch of other people complaining that nothing has been announced on the streaming and televisation of the games. Some were even suggesting th