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2023 - Week 51

It's Yule and it has been so hard to focus on work this week. Everyone should give themselves a pat on the back for getting this far.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.


This week in 2SLGBTQIA+ News, Pope Francis declared that Catholic priests can bless same sex couples, but not in conjunction with a wedding or civil union because he maintains that only one man and one woman can marry each other.

What a load of bullshit.

I'm not a Big 3 believer, but I did attend Catholic school as a child and went to church on occasion. Anyway, there are a lot of other options that don't involve adding the, "hate the sin, not the sinner," crap to your already challenging existence. And there are a lot of options that celebrate gay marriage just as much as straight marriage. The Catholic religion also has a bad record involving child molestation, so there is even more reason to seek spiritual and moral guidance elsewhere.

Furthermore, marriage is a legal contract. Weddings are a celebration of love. Gay people have always been here and love is love!

ADHD Update

I tried to schedule a follow up as it was close to the time to need a refill. Though my new med is vastly better, having rashes is really not a good sign, so it's probably not quite right. It has also mostly worn off by the early afternoon, so I wanted to check in and see what my doctor suggests. Oddly, I also feel amped on it, so I don't really know what I need at all. Perhaps a non stimulant is the answer for me.

Food is still a bit of a struggle. It's not as bad as it was with the previous medication, but my appetite is low until the evening. Liquids tend to be OK options at least.


GSL started earlier than usual, so we could all have a meal together before playing the last game until January 9th. Well, the last GSL until then. I have a game with Rainbow on the 7th. Anyway, I was eager to try some things out that I had seen while watching the recent Championships. I also wanted to work on my slide accuracy. I think I did improve it some, but the ice started out fast then slowed down and I threw some rocks short. Since we currently rotate positions each end, it can be hard to adapt quickly. I don't really know how I did either because I was on the sheet that has some stones that may be improperly matched or weighted according to some experienced players and my team of the evening had those stones.

Decluttering & Minimalism

I mainly focused on basic chores this week since I would be busy with family come the weekend.

Gaming & Streaming

I really wanted a horse, so it was back to doing the campaign quests in Diablo IV. There is one more Act to go before I can have a horse. I actually have two horses I can't access. They even have armour. I may do a pop up stream next week just to get it done.


I located my Focusrite, but it took a bit to get my Yamaha keyboard to connect to my PC. At the end, I wasn't sure I even needed to be using the Focusrite for it. This is something to play around with after the holidays. I found a book on the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that I use and I think I'm going to get the ebook version and use that to learn the software.


I've decided to channel Gandalf on writing timelines. Not that I'm a wizard, but I like his style:

It does me no good to think I should already be done a project because I know so many people who are faster at putting their own work out. It's better to just try and get it done without any guilt that it's not done.

I'm tweaking my tags in regards to writing in order to separate the goal updates from posts that delve into the craft of the thing. People ask me questions about writing often enough that I think it's worth adding a tag for this.

I did make further progress on a screenplay this week. I need to plot the middle of the story before I will be able to get into a flow. I have some breadcrumbs sketched out that hopefully don't lead me to a cannibal's home because that's not currently part of the story. Maybe it should be though...


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