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The Blue Hair Dye Saga + Streamfest + Curling

Sometimes usually simple things are hard for me. Like this blue hair saga I've been going through for months. I wanted navy blue hair. It looks sleek, professional, and fun. There was a salon that could do it, but it was going to be $281. That's a bit much to spend on my hair. That's more than having someone change and store my tires, so I don't have to. Anyway, that place also usually sells the Joico DIY option, but were out of stock, so I ordered some online and had my usual salon put it in. Well, my first appointment was cancelled because of the 2023 Ice Storm that knocked power out all over Ottawa. So after doing some errands, I wanted to wait a moment to grab groceries since the parking lot was full. I dipped into the salon with the product. The stylist was available and set to dying my hair blue. I was so excited!  We waited. Nothing. It didn't take at all. She had even worked with this product before and my hair is light coloured. I've also never had issu

Pretty Little Liars - A Brief Review

Image by Shotkitimages from Pixabay. I started watching Pretty Little Liars when it first aired, but two seasons in, I was busy dealing with a divorce and trying to live through the Ontera divestment, which was part of the past Ontario liberal scandals at the time. I realized I hadn't gotten to watch it all the way through.  If you haven't seen it, usual coming of age hijinks take dark turns and they often have no choice but to continue covering up one lie with another. This continually escalates until something bad happens. Age gaps are a recurring topic. Aria's dad, Aria and Ezra, Aria's mom, and Hanna's mom. If I recall correctly, gaps were a bigger deal in those days, though I suppose some people still care about that now.  There is a lot of trauma and the girls never really get time to heal from all that they go through, yet they manage to dig deep and continue doing what they have to because of the support they get from each other. Fashion is a prominent el