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2024 - Week 8

This week, I fought hard to make progress on my living areas. And I ran out of fucks a few times. I will eventually elaborate on that, I'm sure, but not right now. There will be more swearing in this post as it has been that kind of week. Decluttering & Minimalism This week is a big one for me on this front because I've been actioning my Living Room plans. I acquired display cases for my Funko POP dolls.  I also began combining my two IKEA PS cabinets into one for all my media to live in. This had me off to Home Depot for a small cut off saw to remove the four legs on the one unit. This is a fairly common IKEA hack. There are even holes that can be used to screw or bolt them together for safety. The saw helped, though I still needed to use my manual one as I wasn't comfortable with the sparks and noise. I try not to be an asshole neighbour. With the legs off, I needed a break for refueling as I hadn't eaten anything yet. The next day, I got it joined together with s

2024 - Week 7

I've felt quite out of sorts this week. My home is upside down and I'm hating it. Arts & Crafts I planned to move my stream to Sunday, but after a busy week, I was too tired and spent much of Sunday napping. On Thursday, I went to the first meeting of a queer needle crafts group. I'm pretty close on my PWHL Scarf, but I'm losing steam. There's an event I want it ready for coming up two Mondays from now, so I really need to rally and finish it. Decluttering & Minimalism I was so distracted this week. I've made a bunch of plans to reorganize some things and I really just wanted to get going on them all, so that I could be done with this decluttering effort. Yes, I know that I'm limited with budget, time, and such, but I just want to be done with it all so badly. I pulled a glute somewhere along the way though, so that has been problematic. It was my left butt cheek in case you really want to know ;) I have a lot of plans, but I couldn't get to any

2024 - Week 6

We're 6 weeks into the year and I don't know about you, but I feel like I've hardly accomplished anything. It's OK to just survive sometimes though. Arts & Crafts It was excellent getting together and craft with friends last weekend. There was so much good conversation and it had been a while since we last got together. My scarf is coming along nicely.  I need to figure out the next craft for stream. Perhaps I'll try to finish my Fairy Cross-Stitch on stream. I do have my big quilt that I need to start sewing also, but I don't know how I'm going to do the camera work for it. Decluttering & Minimalism The first big challenge I had was moving a carpet from my living room because there was a lot of stuff on it. I both dreaded this and was excited about what it was going to lead to. I think I accidentally invented "Hot Cleaning," while doing it. I was too warm, so I turned down the heat. At least, I thought I turned it down. In actuality, I had

2024 - Week 5

It was still January for most of this week, a.k.a. The Neverending Month. Then it became February!  Each month, I do pull a card from my Music Oracles deck. Last month was Bob Marley. February's card is Nina Simone. A piano playing rebel & multiple genre legend will hopefully make for a phenomenal month ahead. I still haven't done a goals post for 2024. January was a lot. My goals for this year are: - Complete Sparker  and query agents. - Complete The Curse of...  and submit it to a screenplay contest. - Complete the declutter of Tiny Condo. - Blog at least once per week. - Cross train for curling and softball. - Learn piano. - Self-care with crafts, reading, gaming, and sports. I've tweaked my schedule to make this happen. I'd also like a partner, but I feel weird about setting it as a goal.