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2023 - Week of June 19-25

Another Monday is done. I felt pretty scatter-brained today though I did get some things done like my blog post. The weekend caught up to me and I was quite tired though. I saw the perfect thing for my streaming area and I'm thankful my brother could get it for me. It will really help me clean the area up without having to build something though I'll want to sand and paint it. I spent some of the day working on a new project that I will launch soon: Rae's Record . What is that? See the end of this post for details.* Tuesday was an in-office day and the day I received my ADHD diagnosis*. As I suspected, I have the primarily Inattentive type of ADHD. That's the one involving daydreaming rather than running around or fidgetting. I also have some learning issues that make things difficult for me. I'm still parsing all of it and there is a lot to learn. After that therapy appointment was done, I hung out with my goth friends for dinner and chatting. Wednesday was work fo

Did All This Really Happen In One Week?

And we're back to Monday. I did some work then stepped out for fillings in the right side of my mouth. It had been very sensitive to drink anything. I preemptively took some Aleve, which helped reduce some of the pain. Especially for when the dentist opted to not freeze my main nerve in order to allow me to speak and such after the fillings. There were about 6 seconds of pain when she drilled, which felt like an eternity. My superintendent was concerned when he saw me in the lobby as I looked rather like I had had a stroke because half of my face was a bit droopy.  I assured him I was good. Unexpectedly, a friend reached out about the Ottawa Pixies event she was having and I spent the evening in good company debating what intelligence is after we watched a short documentary. I'm really glad she reached out because Facebook's algorithms didn't show it to me despite having that group in my Favourites. Reasons I'm increasingly finding little use in Facebook include tha

All the Things Again

Monday. My least favourite day of the week. This one started with my least favourite thing: the dentist. It was a cleaning plus x-rays, plus measurements kind of appointment. I'll be back there next week and in July to handle some small cavities. After that, I did some more work while eating lunch before heading out to get my summer tires installed. I'm so glad I pay for them to store the tires these days. It makes it so much easier. I completely forgot about my hubcaps, so they aren't on this year. Tuesday brought me an office upgrade. I ordered a chair mat that is also anti-fatigue, so I can hopefully make more use of my standing desk option. We'll see if my ankles and feet handle it OK. Due to the awful air quality, I didn't attend my usual biweekly meetup. It was Diablo IV release day anyway, so I didn't mind staying home to get all my characters started. On Wednesday, I got a lot done at work and a lot done around the house. I also got a lot done in Minecra

Another Full Week

I'm feeling less anxious than I have in a long time. I've met my softball team and they're really welcoming. The Hayley Kiyoko concert had me in a room full of kindred spirits, which has made me feel less alone in the world. I even ran into a colleague there, though we got separated, so we caught up at work instead. We're on the pride committee together. She plays roller derby in the league I was part of. Well, since the two leagues amalgamated, it's technically a new league entirely.  Roller derby is another thing I did that should've been a clue that I was gay. I kept finding myself in queer spaces like that and didn't know why. Not that everyone in derby is part of the rainbow community, but a high percentage are. Seeing a woman comfort her girlfriend stuck in my mind for many years. Love is love. On Monday, I visited Montreal's Botanical Gardens before heading back to Ottawa. It was so beautiful and restorative for me. I truly need to get out into na