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All the Things Again

Monday. My least favourite day of the week. This one started with my least favourite thing: the dentist. It was a cleaning plus x-rays, plus measurements kind of appointment. I'll be back there next week and in July to handle some small cavities.

After that, I did some more work while eating lunch before heading out to get my summer tires installed. I'm so glad I pay for them to store the tires these days. It makes it so much easier. I completely forgot about my hubcaps, so they aren't on this year.

Tuesday brought me an office upgrade. I ordered a chair mat that is also anti-fatigue, so I can hopefully make more use of my standing desk option. We'll see if my ankles and feet handle it OK. Due to the awful air quality, I didn't attend my usual biweekly meetup. It was Diablo IV release day anyway, so I didn't mind staying home to get all my characters started.

On Wednesday, I got a lot done at work and a lot done around the house. I also got a lot done in Minecraft. I even stripped the black in my hair out. I hadn't wanted it anyway and it was looking stale by now. My mattress slat thing came, which is awesome because I've been wanting to switch back to a normal bed frame. They're so much easier to change the bedding on! Also, there's no bars in the way of my feet. That'll hopefully be a weekend project, but may end up being something I work on during the week.

Thursday was work, prepping for being in the office on Friday, prepping for softball, streaming Rise of the Tomb Raider, and playing Minecraft. I also dyed my hair slightly darker than my natural colour and did my nails. My powered speaker came, which is my merit bonus gift to myself. After talking with musician friends, that's what they recommended I get for my synthesizers, keyboards, and keytars. The one I got also has bluetooth, so I'll be able to use it with my phone if I want. I'll be testing it out on the weekend.

Friday was a very long day. We went in to work as we were under the impression the CEO would be visiting. He didn't. Because my workplace is on Sparks Street, I use public transit rather than paying $25 a day for parking. But the LRT is undergoing maintenance right now, so it was a 1.5 hour commute one way. Three hours were lost to commuting. I left early though, so that I could be sure to eat and such before softball. Luckily, the Subway in our building had temporarily extended their hours, which made dinner a lot easier. At softball, we got our jerseys and I had a very good game. I finally made it on base. Three times. And one of those times, I scored a run. My shins aren't used to running like that and I'm not sure how to make them happier. I also got hit in the forearm with a fast ball. It hurt, then felt numb, and then hurt, but never became a bruise.

On Saturday, I made the somewhat tough choice to end my brief time in kung fu. I was dreading going largely due to the partnered animal walks and how physically demanding the art form is. I'm more of a lover than a fighter anyway. But I also really don't like having my Saturdays booked up. I like having them open for whatever comes up or to work on my other goals or to enter goblin mode. What I was wanting to do during the pandemic was Tai Chi, so I planned to check out a place that was also close to my house. I was also planning to start the switchover to a regular bed frame, but my neck was really sore. I think lifting my powered speaker might be responsible for that. Instead, I split the day between Minecraft, learning piano, and testing out my powered speaker's bluetooth settings. I also got ideas for a monthly newsletter.

My ornamental onions, a.k.a. Allium bulbs had arrived on Thursday and I thought I might plant them on Sunday. They are pretty flowers that squirrels supposedly hate the smell of. My hope was that I could finally have a nice balcony space. I did my bed frame change over, which took much of the day as I took lots of breaks. The new-to-me frame is so much sturdier. I'm confident it can hold me and a partner should that be in my future. I wasn't confident the canopy one could. It's a double too, but it seems like it's meant for a young girl perhaps. And the new one was free as I found it in my storage unit. I just wiped it down with some lysol as it smelled a bit like kitty. After all of that, I was ready to sleep, but it was only 4:15 in the afternoon, so I played some Diablo IV before Dino Club. My bed felt like new. It was so comfortable!


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