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2023 - Week of June 19-25

Another Monday is done. I felt pretty scatter-brained today though I did get some things done like my blog post. The weekend caught up to me and I was quite tired though. I saw the perfect thing for my streaming area and I'm thankful my brother could get it for me. It will really help me clean the area up without having to build something though I'll want to sand and paint it. I spent some of the day working on a new project that I will launch soon: Rae's Record. What is that? See the end of this post for details.*

Tuesday was an in-office day and the day I received my ADHD diagnosis*. As I suspected, I have the primarily Inattentive type of ADHD. That's the one involving daydreaming rather than running around or fidgetting. I also have some learning issues that make things difficult for me. I'm still parsing all of it and there is a lot to learn. After that therapy appointment was done, I hung out with my goth friends for dinner and chatting.

Wednesday was work followed by picking up my new glasses and then Fringe Festival. It had been a while since I had last seen a play and it was nice to get out with my screenwriting alumni friends. The play covered some really tough content: incels. And it was presented in the format of a livestream on stage. As a streamer and a non-binary female (yes, you can be both), there were many times I felt the play was brilliant and hard. It brought up some things from my own dating past that were not pleasant experiences. After this, we went to Level One for a drink. We had planned to also play boardgames, but it didn't end up happening.

Thursday was work, Dani's stream, then my own stream. For a bit, I had been feeling like I might not want to continue streaming. I don't have a lot of visitors and it does take up time during the week that I could be using for dating or for chasing my other goals. But when Thursday came, I was excited to continue streaming Rise of the Tomb Raider. Time will tell on how much longer I do it for, but I'm not ready to give it up just yet.

Friday was a very difficult day at work. I was feeling quite overwhelmed as it's taking me a lot of time to grasp some of my new tasks due to having ADHD. At least I know why, so there are steps I'm taking to handle it. I was also stressed because my trainer is out of the country until next week. I got her to break down all the steps for the task, which helped me immensely! All that combined with the recommendations from my therapist, I decided to change my in-office day to get the extra support I need on the harder items. I was super burned out and felt like I didn't get much done though. Softball couldn't come fast enough. It was a warm summer day, so sweat poured down my back during the warm up, but we had one of our best games yet. Our defense is improving and we won by a fairly large margin. I watched another team finish up their game and chatted with friends before heading to the bar after for a little bit. Then I hung out with my goth friends for a special evening.

I was pretty tired on Saturday, but I did a little bit of work to catch up on the tasks I couldn't manage on Friday. At least until the network decided it wanted the weekend to chill. My Saturday evening plans included a nap and watching a live derby bout in person at Brewer Arena. I never got to the nap, but the derby was fun. I didn't make it through the Pride Scrimmage as the arena was too hot and I hadn't eaten enough, so a headache had me needing to go home back to the air conditioning and the food. But it was so good to get out and see a derby bout again. I caught up with one friend and messaged another after I left, so we could make plans to catch up eventually. There was a unicorn in the crowd:

My Sunday plans were morning errands and then Minecraft. The one server I play on was having an all day build day where we made an amusement park resort area. My piece is a fairly large roller coaster. A friend helped on the sweet jump part where there is track purposely missing.

*More on this in my new monthly newsletter, Rae's Record.


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