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2024 - Week 9

The week felt really long. 

Arts & Crafts

My calendar was looking quite packed, so I wasn't sure if I would get the time to reclaim my crafting space or not. Luckily, I had Friday afternoon off because I have some vacation I need to use up. I've got time off every Friday in March and I'm looking forward to it. I began reclaiming it on Thursday, so I could relax more on Friday as I had that earmarked for reading and relaxing.

On stream, I began sticker bombing the doors of my media cabinet. One has dinosaurs. Another has games and music. Door three has neon stickers. The final door will have pride stickers on it. I didn't get started on it. I also ran out of stickers, and had to wait for more to arrive. I'll be working on it more during the week and I will likely not finish it on stream as I'd like to get my doors back onto my cabinet as soon as possible. The craft is a mix of fun and frustration.

Decluttering & Minimalism

I took it somewhat easily this week as my arm needed a break, but I was still able to turn my former rolling TV stand into a portable keyboard stand for my Akai. This was something I've wanted to do because I can move it to practice with my computer, without the annoyance of moving my laptop. It's not terrible to do it once a week for craft streams, but regularly to practice for 30-60 minutes would become a barrier to practice. I know myself well enough to know that. Eventually, I'd like one with more keys on it. I tried with my portable electronic piano, but it took up too much room behind me and I couldn't really sit comfortably in my work/gaming chair, so it wasn't a good change. I may sell it or give it to a cousin.

I also moved some light things around like string curtains. I put those back where I used to have them to add some privacy from nosy neighbours. I've been meaning to do that to allow me to eventually put up balloon valances, that don't exist yet, on my kitchen doorways. So much to craft and little time to do it in.

The area above my TV is looking much better too. I think I'll put something like a cross-stitch in the middle as whatever I put there will have to be thinner than the display cabinets, so I can slide the doors when I get more POP Funko dolls. I only collect badass female characters who are part of fandoms I enjoy. The only reason Maleficent is still in her box is because her horns make her too tall to fit in the cabinets. Wonder Woman will always be boxed because she is my fave.

Fitness & Budo

The Scotties final between Homan and Jones was within 1-2 points the whole game. In the 9th end, Jones tied it up. Since it was my first time watching the Scotties, I thought it was extra Canadian to see the trophy be paraded in by three female-presenting Mounties. They joined their two male-presenting counterparts to stand guard over it. That's peak Canadian right there.

In the end, Homan clinched it, 5-4, stealing what would have been a storybook ending from Team Jones as Jennifer Jones is retiring from 4-player curling. She will be playing in a couple more championships this year before switching to mixed doubles curling with her husband.

I'm trying to find time to list a piece of workout equipment that I'm not using. I realized my rowing machine takes care of my abs, so I don't need the other item. I bought a punching bag because I miss having one to practice things like karate kicks on. They're good lower body work and fun. Hopefully, I'll get that all done soon.

Gaming & Streaming

I finished the Community Centre bundles in Stardew Valley. I bought a pig, named her Bacon, and I was able to get truffles I needed. It took a bit to get the rainy day fishes I needed. I'm still working on reaching the bottom of the mines. I read that an update is coming on March 19th. Some friends have asked if I'll start a new character. I'm still on my first play through, so unless there is extra content for a new one, probably not.

Something funny happened in Stardew Valley. I accidentally put a hat on my horse and Brownie won't give it back. 

It happened after Emily and I decided to get more serious. She mentioned a picnic to me when I visited her at work, but then she didn't seem to want to go next time I saw her. This is the strangest relationship I've ever been in. I just give her gifts and that seems to be all she wants from me. I've reached the max friendship level with her. She's mentioned my farmhouse must be cozy. I need it to rain to be able to get the necklace and propose.

Somehow, after meeting Emerance Maschmeyer on Monday, I was able to go home and stream Diablo IV. I think I prefer game streams without camera. At least while my home is still in decluttering mode. I feel like I got quite a lot of side quests done.

Health & Wellness

I've been given new exercises for my tongue. At my next appointment in mid March, I'm supposed to meet the dental surgeon who will be releasing my tongue tie eventually.

My meds were increased and it's a bigger jump than I think I needed. That combined with a chihuahua with the zoomies at 5:30 AM on Monday, followed by my sore arm regularly waking me up that night, I hadn't gotten much sleep early on in the week.


It was a busy week with the event for season ticket holders on Monday. At this event, I met Emerance Maschmeyer, who happens to be my favourite PWHL Ottawa player. She's an Olympic level goalie from Team Canada as well. I managed to make small talk with her while my legs were shaking and I didn't pass out. She signed a Team Canada mini goalie stick I had brought and I got a picture with her. Then I leaned against a wall for a bit to calm down before I got the other Team Canada members to sign mini sticks. Oh, yeah, she's not only a super-elite athlete, but she's kind, friendly, and beautiful too.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be talking to several Olympians someday, let alone in one day. What a week it was!

I watched the home game on Wednesday against New York from home because of extreme weather plus things that needed to be done before Thursday. 

I also watched the home game on Saturday vs Toronto from home. I'm really scared I'll trip again. I've been in so much pain. I've asked if I can change seats to one that involves fewer stairs to reduce the tripping hazard. They reserve some seats and only release them on game days, so I hope it's possible. I don't even care if it's a more expensive seat and I have to pay extra to switch.


I picked up some more documentaries from the library when I returned the previous ones. That's all I accomplished with writing this week, but I will be watching the documentaries and pushing forward on the current novel. I find it hard to work on both the novel and a screenplay at the same time with the same intensity, so I've been focusing on the novel more lately. It's closer to submission ready anyway.


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