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2023 - Week 39

Starting curling season out right with this lovely gift from a friend and Bengal Spice tea.

Normally, I work in-office on Mondays, but after such a busy week, I couldn't deal with an environment filled with distraction and socializing. Most of my team wouldn't be in anyway, so there wasn't a lot of point to making the transit trip. I spent the day working, catching up around Tiny Condo, taking in another Scrivener webinar, playing Minecraft, and attending my friend Danielle Allard's studio stream. The webinar was focused on using Scrivener as a tool for academic writing, but he demonstrated some features that are making it easier for me to continue reorganizing my novel into scenes. Later, I set up my Google calendar with the dates for round 1 of Rainbow Rockers (RR) curling.

On Tuesday, I pulled the Death card for a second day in a row. I try to do a daily tarot though sometimes I forget. I know it's random and woo, but it's interesting that lately I've pulled a lot of cards that speak to endings, beginnings, and change overall as we head into a season change that is more disruptive in a lot of ways than some others as people get back to things like school. During lunch, I fit in a bit of Minecraft. I'm massively reorganizing my storage on the Dinocraft server because I might as well be reorganizing everything in life everywhere all at once, right? I guess I get the urge to fall clean rather than in spring. I figure it makes sense because when I'm not curling, I pretty much aim to hibernate, so why wouldn't I want my home to be nice for that? In the evening, I met with my spiritual group for a little bit before heading off to Getting Started League (GSL) curling. I was anxious and excited for it to start. New people are both exciting and scary to me. Also, my shins remained somewhat unhappy after softball playoffs, so I wasn't sure I could actually do much of anything. Thankfully, they didn't work us too hard. I'm also much more physically stable this year and it was wonderful to be back on the ice.

Wednesday was a bit rough after having curling so late. This will be the case until April, but I won't have to continue coming to my Wednesday morning meeting forever since it's related to what I used to do, so it will get a little easier to sleep in some on Wednesdays and I'll just have to flex my hours a bit. I took in another Scrivener webinar at lunch. I also figured out what I want to do in my music room since the current layout isn't working. I don't know when I'll have time to do the rearrangement. During dinner I made sure to take some iron & vitamin C with dinner as I have been feeling run down since softball playoffs. I figured I may have depleted some nutrients with the increase in exercise. I learned that my audio was not good last week on my stream when my friend came in and said he couldn't hear my game volume. It's fixed now. The funny thing is that I don't think there has ever not been an audio issue when he has come to watch my stream. Hopefully, next time it will be all good. I hadn't realized that the last episode of Jack Ryan that I watched was THE last episode that exists. Thankfully, I found Daisy Jones and The Six to watch next. It follows a fictional rock band as they get discovered and grow.

I felt a lot better on Thursday. After some work, a haircut was in order as my hair had become a styleless mess. It was nice catching up with my hairdresser. She's awesome. I stopped for the groceries I forgot the previous day before getting back to work. After the haircut, I felt even better, so I was able to get several things handled that I was struggling with in my inbox. I made myself a yummy dinner then tuned in online to a friend's performance in a local park. Normally, I would go watch her play in person, but I had to give my account regarding an incident. I felt both exhausted yet relieved after that. I hadn't been looking forward to it.

Friday began with a little pre-work Minecraft. And discord apparently got messed up on desktop.

I made some cupcakes from spice cake mix. I figured that was a seasonal flavour now that we're in autumn, though that's not apparent if you look at the weather. I played more Minecraft in the evening and then watched my friend's Twitch stream. 

On Saturday, I was a bit sick from the cupcakes. Apparently, the eggs I had used were too old. I only figured that out by opening one of the remaining ones as I tried to fry it. It was more liquid than eggs normally are and it smelled bad. The strange thing is that the eggs I made cake with were only 5 days past their date. My mom used to take eggs older than that and turn them into hard-boiled eggs. Good thing I only had enough to slightly upset my system because I had to get to RR curling in the afternoon. I learned a couple of new things and I slid all the way to the hog line for the first time ever!

Sunday was split between Minecraft and a BBQ at a softball friend's house. It was lovely weather for it though I was annoyed because it's too hot for October in my opinion. The food was yummy and the conversations were good. But I did get tired after a bit. It was probably a dumb idea to have any alcohol after the Bad Egg Incident of 2023. I felt pretty non-functional when I got home.


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