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Early March 2022 Update

I really thought I had started a draft. I guess I did so in my dreams. I've been sleeping a lot lately, which I believe is a combination of a lot of stress leaving my life and the usual, almost monthly, low iron that happens because I'm a woman. Someday, that will stop. 

Yesterday was a dental visit for a cleaning. I have a filling that is "leaking," which isn't a pleasant feeling as it's a little too accessible to food and drink getting in there near the root. So I have a couple of spots needing repair and a crown to get. I'm really hoping a lot of that crown gets covered by my insurance, because it's pricey.

Anyway, enough of that. I'm halfway through editing chapter 9. When I get through chapter 11, I will be at the point where I have not edited the rest of the chapters as much, so I have no idea what I'm looking at. This is because I don't think I completed the edits where I briefly thought everything should be set in the U.S. They might even be in the wrong point of view. This is part of the fun of writing.

I've started a new thing, which may also be contributing to my tiredness. I'm getting up a bit earlier each day, so that I can fit some editing in before work. I often find myself too tired in the evenings for edits, so a change needed to be made. Thankfully, since I work from home, I don't have to get up ridiculously early for this change.

Aside from that... I stopped doing the skating class. I have many reasons for this. One is that I was constantly getting injured. More often than I was in roller derby! The class was more geared towards hockey style skating and wasn't what I was wanting in the slightest. But I also really want to learn tricks on scooter instead. There is something to be said for having the ease to transition from a bus to a sidewalk to a skatepark without having to change footwear. And I can do all kinds of fun tricks on scooter too.

Ah, I found that draft I had started and it was all about skating and my decision to change: 

"I'm halfway through skating class and I hate it. I like that I'm getting exercise, but I hate most of what we've worked on in the class. Maybe it's the masks, but we're always confused about what the instructors want us to do and just wing it. And the class feels like it's about learning to skate for hockey, which is not what I want at all.

I don't even feel like learning aggressive inline anymore. I love watching other people do it, but it's not what I want for myself.

So what do I want? I want to learn to scooter. And there are lessons for that at the skatepark where I'm already a member.

Something that has nagged at me since my first session at the skatepark. A woman there told me she likes skateboarding because she can just kick the board out of the way. With skates attached to your feet, you don't have that option.

But that's not right for me either. It's hard to explain, but I just feel right on a scooter. Maybe it's because I had one when I was a young child and I loved it.

The class wasn't a total waste. I'm definitely a bit better at transitioning from forwards to backwards and vice versa.

So I'm going to set some money aside for joining the lessons at the skatepark whenever they are running the next session."

In terms of music, I'm focusing on keyboard. Stringed instruments just haven't been working for me for a long time and I keep feeling drawn back to the keyboard. I just don't want to spend a lot of time learning classical music.

And I'm taking a beginner drawing class to complement what I learned in the natural history drawing course I previously did. Because goals.

These changes I've made are really returns to original plans and it feels good to be getting back to them. It's like going home in many ways.

Other than that, I'm still working through the clutter. I had different plans tonight, but I need to get as much laundry done as possible because they are upgrading our machines tomorrow and they won't take the current cards. We have to wait for reimbursement for who knows how long. So copious amounts of laundry is in order because I didn't get through everything I got from mom. 

Ah well, what would life be without these "little" surprises?


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