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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I'm in one of those periods of transition in life right now. It's messy and hectic, but I feel more alive than ever. 

I'm assuming a new role at work while finishing up some things for the current one. This is an official thing starting in April, but the person I'm replacing is on vacation beginning this Friday and going to the end of the month, so I'm really starting it already. Today, we did the meeting to discuss what she couldn't get finished in time. I've had some really tiring work days this week with all of this.

Curling is ending on April 16th. I'm sad about this. I never expected to fall in love with a sport that looks boring on the outside! It's helped me get out more in the winter and get back to being active. Softball registration is almost here, so I am aiming to continue being active for the warm months though it'll be more difficult between seasonal allergies and my body not always being the best at temperature control. I'm a fan of crossing bridges as I come to them though. I just received a workout bench that I'm excited to get using. I hate working out on the ground. It comes with resistance bands and I'll be able to do most exercises. And it folds up, which is important in Tiny Condo Land.

This weekend, I'm looking forward to a planned outing to see John Carpenter's The Thing at The Mayfair with my scriptwriter friends. I'm also looking forward to a film workshop, curling, and dinner with my martial arts friends for one of their birthdays.

I did some ultra-light work on Sparker the past two mornings and I'm really happy to be getting back to it. It was partly figuring out what I had last done as I have so many versions of it in my head these days. I've also been working on a screenplay. It's a horror comedy and the trouble with writing it is that I keep laughing.

I'll be taking a decluttering break for some time while a friend visits in a week and a half. She's coming to write a professional exam in nursing then we'll have fun on the town.

And I'm doing some mortgage magic. I'm waiting to hear more about it hopefully tomorrow.


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