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2023 - Week of June 26 to July 2

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

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Monday was an in-office day. Last week's inability to handle how large my inbox had bloomed in an afternoon was no longer an issue. I got my over 60 messages down to 15. Most of them required some sort of action from me, so I was really pleased with that. I felt a bit queasy heading home as there were a number of people who didn't smell good on transit that afternoon. It reminded me of that summer I worked in fast food.

Tuesday had me less focused, but I got a project moved to the next stage, I posted last week's blog post, and I finished the bulk of my newsletter. Part of me wondered whether or not I should be adding that to my to-do list despite how much was already on my plate, but I also thought it was a good way to mark this life change. As part of that, I was able to get registered to hopefully find a new doctor. I wanted to go with a nurse practitioner, but they aren't covered by OHIP unless they work out of a hospital. They might be the future of health care, but the system hasn't caught onto that yet. Tuesday also had me in pain with a shoulder issue that I tried to tape myself using KT tape. Even the poor taping job was better than nothing, but I had to get a brace. My next game wasn't until July 7th, so I hoped it would be resolved by then.

Wednesday's work was primarily the budget. It's that awful time of the year. I got quite a bit done, but I'm terrible at knowing exactly where I am until I can see the end, so my update was more of an, "I think I'm at this percentage". After work, I got measured for contact lenses and we ordered some trial pairs. At least, I think they are on order. The optomotrist was going to check to be sure that the brand and model he was thinking of would be good for drier eyes. I'm both excited and anxious about this. I am looking forward to playing sports while not having glasses sliding down my face. I won't wear my new glasses to softball. I'm hoping it will improve my performance some as I should see the ball a bit better. I also spent some time reading about my new reality. Some of the content out there is very unhelpful in regards to Inattentive ADHD. Much of it seems like it was written by someone who doesn't actually understand ADHD from the perspective of someone who has it. I do have one book that gives me hope: ADHD Toolkit for Women by Sarah Davis and Linda Hall. I will be speaking to my ADHD diagnosis and that journey regularly in my newsletter.

Thursday was more budget. It's due on Tuesday. I'm almost done and so glad I started my piece in May because I knew roughly when they ask for it every year. I won a T-shirt at Dino Club! That was the highlight of my day. My new office chair came. Yes, I had bought a new one earlier in the year. It was terrible. The arms were held on flimsily and it was ergonomically bad for me. So I put it at my sewing table for now and my new one is a much better fit. If I can find the time to grind the bolt holes on the arms so they slide in further, it will be perfect for supporting my arms. The world makes everything so big and doesn't make it adjust down enough for anyone under 5 foot tall. It's truly annoying. Given that I knew I had the budget going on, I wasn't sure I would be streaming, but I really wanted to. I did for a shorter time than I might have otherwise. It was been a hell of a week. I felt really close to overwhelm with everything that was going on.

Friday was a gauntlet of the final budget items, updating a tendering report, and catching up on all of the things I couldn't manage to do while doing the budget. The evening brought the start of a long weekend that I sorely needed. I needed it to catch up around the house, but also to disconnect from the computer, so I could parse through everything that has been June.

Saturday was Canada Day and I had made no plans beyond stocking up on some cider and Bud Light Lime (a.k.a. the only beer I like). What I really needed was some time off from the world. It's been a lot lately. I spent the bulk of the day relaxing. Especially after someone had decided that 4:30 AM was THE time for shooting off fireworks.

Sunday was "Dino Club," which involved music, The Witcher, and pasta. A typical Sunday for me is watching my friend's music stream on Twitch. Her fans are called The Dinos. We hang out from about noon on and take a break to prep supper. Lately, we've been planning what we'll have for supper while we either play games or watch something together. I find it so helpful. It forces me to go out to the store for the ingredients and to get a few other meals planned out at the same time. Dino Club has also been hugely positive for my mental health. It has been one of those wonderful things to come from the pandemic.


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