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2023 - Week of July 3 to July 9

Monday was a stat holiday since Canada Day happened on the weekend. I mainly spent it catching up around the house while watching Deadloch and cross-stitching. If you haven't seen it, it's set in Tasmania, features a lesbian detective with an obnoxious partner who provides much of the comedic elements. They attempt to solve homicides together. There are so many hilarious lines like, "Serial killers love routines." To which Sven responds, "Like babies." I also filled out the form for yoga at work and fit in some keytar practice.

Tuesday was sending the budget out and catching up around the house and at work before visiting with my goth friends. I was invited to the virtual yoga sessions at work and looked forward to that as I made space for it in my home. I also worked on my passport application. It should have been a renewal, but I was just outside of the expiry window for that. My old one was in my married name and I think it'll be nice for that to have a fresh start anyway. I was thankful to be with friends when I learned a friend passed away. He was a kind, generous, and funny dude. Ottawa is the poorer without him.

Wednesday was hard partly due to how I was feeling. Also, there were some connection issues at work and other issues preventing me from doing a lot. I'm waiting on other people for a lot of things right now. I suppose that was good for a breather given how sad I was feeling. The end of the day had me learn how to insert and remove contact lenses. My eyes were quite sore and tired after, but I was largely successful. My hopes of seeing better for sports and having options to occasionally leave my glasses at home for events may actually work out.

Thursday began with dedicating a space for yoga, which I would be having at noon. Cleaning early in the morning had me a bit nauseas. This was partly due to how hot it had become overnight. A few days back it was on the cool side, so I had turned down my air conditioner. It was definitely time to turn it back up! Nothing helped me get back to my normal though and I felt ill for much of the day. Thankfully, this doesn't happen too often, but when it does, it's like I have a fever yet my temperature is fine according to the thermometer. I'll be having cold chills too, yet I don't have a cold or anything. What helped me feel better? A hot bath. On a very high humidex day. I know it makes no sense, but at least I was feeling better. My eyes were sore the whole day from the contacts, so it looks like I'll be needing a different plan.

I was a little nervous having softball in the heat on Friday given how Thursday had gone, but I was feeling a lot better. I spent time hydrating in the hours before the game. During the game, I had a moment, but luckily my captains had brought a cooler and I could grab a piece of ice to fix myself. Also on Friday, I officially launched my newsletter. I almost forgot to. I did all this work on it and almost forgot to ensure it was actually announced instead of softly announced.

Saturday was a BBQ with my goth friends in Vincent Massey Park. We eventually got the food situation in order and it was a good time. At least until we tried to leave. Tap was not working and a lot of people were not figuring out they needed to insert their cards to pay and be able to exit. Eventually, a parks employee came and we got waved through the gates, but that was after 30-60 minutes of being stalled in the parking lot. After dropping friends off, I played some Minecraft.

Affairs of State at The Classic Theatre Festival

On Sunday, I was able to catch up with a derby friend who I hadn't talked to much since the pandemic. At least, I hadn't seen them in person. I had won tickets in June for a matinee performance of Affairs of State at the Classic Theatre Festival and took that friend. The play was a sweet little romantic comedy and it was quite fun. The story is one that I think has likely influenced many that have come after it. It was undoubtedly risqué in the late 1940s. We spent some more time together before they dropped me close to The Flats (Lebreton Flats) for Tegan and Sara where I ran into other friends. It was an excellent performance despite technical issues. I loved getting to see them live, especially for Closer. I'd really like to see them in concert rather than at a festival. It would be longer and more intimate. I had watched High School on Prime in the days before the concert. It's based on their early beginnings. I was feeling quite tired, so I didn't stay for anything else.


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