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2021 Accomplishments

Before I get into the percentages, I just want to say that I'm content with what I accomplished and what I had to postpone. I also changed roles at work twice in 2021 and did a lot of self discovery. These things were integral for my mental, emotional, spiritual, and sexual health. And those are more important than anything else as they serve as a foundation for achieving anything I set my mind to.

How I Did

Bathroom Reno = 95%

There is only one thing left in my control to do, which is fixing how the door closes. I live alone and we're likely heading for another lockdown, so it's OK that it's going into 2022. The rest will be done by Bathfitter around February.

Blogging = 31/52 or 60%

Given that I only started this part way through the year, I think I did pretty well.

Office Reno Part 1 - 88%

I started this partly because I wanted to be working in a nicer space and partly because I needed to do something while waiting on my condo to deal with my previously moldy bathroom wall. I'm OK with having the last bit tacked onto the second half of the project.

Paper Declutter = 19%

I'm OK with this. I still had a lot of non-paper clutter to deal with. Also, I don't think the method I was using to track this works. I spent too much time counting rather than doing. Going forward, I will track this like I do with my blog posts. I won't know exactly how many pieces of paper I decluttered, but it's less work to just get it done.

Reading = 15/16 94%

This would be 100%, but I kept misplacing The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. In my Goodreads challenge, I had actually listed 24 for my plan and got 14 read. One of the books I read wasn't listed, so I couldn't track it in Goodreads. There were several years where I only read about 8 books, so I'm really good with this. This is the largest amount of books I've read since I was a child. 

Sparker = 7/26 or 26%

It took me awhile to find my groove, figure out what I want to be writing as an author, and adjust my novel accordingly. Now that I have, I'm hoping to complete the edits promptly.

Ukulele = About 50%

- Level 1 100% complete

- Level 2 100% complete

- Level 3 58% complete

What Was Too Much

I had to park drawing, French, and Twitch. I hope to pick at least one back up in Q2. 

To check out my 2022 goals list, please see my Trello board:


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