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Early November


I feel rather boneheaded about this one, but I only just realized my social media links were not up earlier this week. I've since created a list of the links for the sidebar and will get on a pretty Contact Page that includes them as well. 

I have NaNoWriMo on the brain right now and may not be posting a lot this month. The more I research my current project, the more excited I am. As a dual benefit, it is helping me with some outstanding learning that I need in order to finish Sparks.


I did something I had been meaning to for ages and I got myself a membership at the indoor skatepark. My first visit there was a fail. The skates I brought were too small and unusable. It's a good thing that I have a couple of other pairs.


I had a doctor's appointment for test results, which all came back excellent. This is a tad annoying because something has been making me dizzy and we don't know what, but at least we ruled out some big things like diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, electrolytes, and vitamins/minerals like iron & B12.

When I went to start my car after the appointment, it wouldn't. Now, I had problems in the past with my battery, so I thought maybe it was that, but it was making a different sound. When it's the battery, you hear clicking like a BBQ lighter trying to light or that of a gas stove element. This was more like it was trying to click and couldn't even click once fully.

My poor Pixie getting connected to a flatbed's winch.

After freezing while waiting for the tow truck driver who took a long time then did the weirdest thing I've ever seen with my car, I got to the shop across the street. Yes, please appreciate the absurdity of breaking down that close to the shop and being unable to get the car there another way. Anyway, the tow truck driver would winch my car up the bed a bit then try starting it again. He did this several times. In his mind, he thought this might make it work. Maybe. If it was the battery. But having already attempted a boost and one of the doctors in the building having called his dad, who knows about cars, and having a third person who also knows about cars all say it's the starter, I thought this was idiotic and my brother agreed with me. We're the children of a mechanic, so we've grown up around cars and learnt some things along the way. I was already sure it wasn't the battery by this point as boosting usually does the trick. And the battery wasn't that old anyway. The next thing he tried was to suggest a shop when I already had one. Not my favourite person. Especially since all that extra time lost meant not getting my car fixed the same day.


Four days into NaNoWriMo now and it's not going too well yet. I'm not as far into research as I would like to be. Also, I lost pretty much all of Wednesday between work, a doctor's appointment, and my car deciding not to start. By the time I got home, I just wanted food and warmth. And part of today was lost on retrieving my car.


I was feeling pretty stuck on NaNo and I realized that I don't have to force myself to stick to one project. I haven't gotten far enough into the research for the project I wanted to focus on for it, so there's a lot of it I can't write yet. Instead, I'm going to also work on a short story anthology from many of the ideas I've had over the years. Anyway, I've tweaked my word counting sheet to allow for this and even my blog posts though they don't contribute to a project. They are still words written in November.

Many of my writing friends are at World Fantasy Con in Montreal this weekend. With Covid and my car woes, I wasn't up for it. So I watched V for Vendetta tonight, hung out in a friend's Twitch stream, and worked on my NaNoWriMo projects.


I was fairly lazy on Saturday. I slept in. I gradually did a bit of decluttering. In the evening, I watched Black Widow, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I felt it had a decent balance between dialogue and action and between heavy moments and lighter ones. Also, there were a lot of attractive women in catsuits, so what's not to like there?

After that, I hit up two Zoom parties and played a little bit of Minecraft. It's probably good that I ran out of rum or my head would feel much worse than it does today. This is excellent because I have things to do like skate maintenance, writing, and decluttering.


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