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Time Off

This is how I feel about the time changes. 

Luckily for me, I was told that I hadn't taken enough vacation this year, so I took the rest of the week off! It really helped adjusting to the time change.

On Thursday, I mainly planned, did some decluttering, and played video games. It was a day for relaxing really.

Friday brought time to get a tire and tube for my bicycle. This has been an ongoing saga for me. It took time to find the pump that worked, but it will hopefully finally work out. I also visited my young buddies who had a P. A. Day off school. We played games and had Chinese food. While it was fun, I'm happy not having children of my own.

Saturday was a mix of gaming, adjusting my rim to accommodate a Shraeder valve tube, and watching TV. I didn't find my pump until Sunday. I also made progress on my bathroom door, though it's still not quite right.

Today, I rearranged part of my bedroom, did laundry, and got my tire set up. Here's the result of that:
That's my front tire, but as I need to take the back off to attempt tube repair, I'm going to test this one on the back briefly for fit as I may want to just use this tire on both the back and front and be done with the headache that has been this bike thus far. But as I have extra tires in the original size, I'm trying to make use of them first.

On writing, I realized that my NaNo plans never work out, so I'm using it to plan future works instead of focusing on getting 50k. I just never have the time to get there these days. Maybe someday I will again, but there's no sense in heaping that pressure on myself when work has given me more than enough stress this year.


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