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Fun with Technology - ROW80 R3-1

I've been up to a lot in recent months. Sometimes I feel like I haven't actually done much, but if I look at these recent pictures, I can see what I've done. I've fought a wasp queen, attempted an all black puzzle, gotten a new bike, new utensils, installed an air conditioner (with the help of friends), built a coffee table, installed a shelf to expand my workspace, and I got a mini trumpet for practice.

Not pictured are things like fixing my domain name. For a long time, I haven't wanted to use my original domain. Let's face it, my name is hard for most to spell, remember, and I even get tired writing it. So my plan is to publish as Rae Roy going forward and my domain is now When I came up with that name, I fell in love with it. It's fun and easy to remember. It was a challenge to get it functioning, but both providers were helpful. Even if this is my only achievement this week, I will be happy.

Things left to do include getting new business cards, but that is a fun thing.

I also haven't pictured where I am at with the declutter and bathroom reno. Suffice it to say that I have moved a number of things around and still have work ahead, but it is getting closer. Sometimes I feel like my home is a bit like playing Tetris mixed with Jenga. I got some new ideas this week and began implementing them on Saturday.

Today is my birthday and I had different plans for it, but I think that's the case for most people this year. I was raining and looked like a thunderstorm was likely when I began this post, but it looks to be clearing up now. I retrieved the soil my tomato and pepper plants need from my car when the angry sky had me convinced it would be another rained out birthday. Repotting the plants will help declutter to a degree. Two birds... Speaking of birds, my big plan for tonight is watching Hitchcock's The Birds. I've been wanting to see it for a long time now. Last night, I had sushi and saw Nosferatu while chatting with friends from a distance. I think tonight will be nachos.

With the heat wave we've had, I haven't done much here, but I will be hitting it hard this week while I'm on vacation. I have started a morning water routine. 

1/5 days

I had a lot of trouble with Duolingos reminders. They don't work. I've reported this to them everywhere I could find. I've had to install a macro app that launches Duolingo at the proper time. Previously, I was having notifications way too early or way too late. I have a finite amount of time in the evening and it's better to study on a schedule than it is to keep moving the time all over the place. The macro has helped a lot and I've been able to stay on target since using it. I really like the piece of Duolingo that has stories. So much of my French education has been focused on learning verbs instead of having conversations with other humans. I've long felt that a failing of the way the second language is taught in Ontario.

6/7 days

My tile saw has arrived, so I can get moving on the bathroom again. I'm planning to get as far as I can this week. I will have to stop as there is some drywall repair that will have to happen on the other wall. I hadn't originally planned to do the rest of the half walls in the bathroom, but I'm using inexpensive tile and I think it will be worth it. I need to remove a ceramic toilet roll holder that doesn't fit the rolls that are manufactured today. I think I want a freestanding one with a magazine holder. I may build that as I think I have everything for it right now. We'll see. I'm getting tired of building things and may just prefer to get something that already fits my needs.

For some unknown reason, I took forever to fix my light set up in the living room. I have a hanging light and the outlet it is plugged into is connected to a light switch. The thing is that since I got my Nintendo Switch, it has been plugged into the same outlet. I can't turn the switch off anymore or my controller won't stay charged. Anyway, I finally fixed that. I reached the limit of fumbling around trying to plug or unplug the ceiling light. I do this to myself more often than I'd like to admit. I will tolerate something ridiculous instead of fixing it as soon as it's inconvenient. I don't know why I do it either.

I think I've done more than my target, but I wasn't paying enough attention to the exact amount of time I've spent on the declutter efforts.

?/15 minutes per day

My pocket trumpet arrived. I'm enjoying playing it a little every day. Right now, I'm mostly goofing around as I try to rebuild my embouchure. Soon I'll set myself up with a more targetted plan including scales, songs, exercises. I figure if I focus on a couple of songs over the summer, I can improve quite a bit. It came with a stand and a metronome. Both aren't the best, but I have a proper trumpet stand and I'll probably get a fancy metronome eventually.

15/15 minutes per day
0 minutes on theory

I was able to put a small amount of words down on The Mockumentary, but I've been pretty tired after doing the budget report. I'm hoping this week is better for me. I have a beautiful white board on wheels coming later this month. A long time ago, I had a whiteboard easel, but it didn't make it to Ottawa with me. I found a replacement that has extra features for 30 dollars less than the current cost of the original one I had. I had been trying to use my windows instead, but it hasn't been nice for clutter or for keeping plants alive and well. It really helps me to plan outside of the computer screen.

The Mockumentary: 15/120 pages
Sparks: 1/26 chapters
Other: I've spent at least 30 minutes on other projects this week.
Skills: I have begun reading Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces


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