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Chipping Away - 2020 ROW80 R3-W3

I've been chipping away at my bathroom reno this week and haven't made much progress on my writing. I've had to carefully scrape some adhesive off the tiles to prepare for grouting, which hasn't happened yet as I forgot to get the drill bit for mixing the grout. As I'm writing this now, it's Saturday and I had to wait to leave my house to get the drill bit because I was waiting on a delivery. It turns out that it's good I didn't go before as in order to put the new drain on my sink, I need a wrench bigger than all the others I currently have. After grouting and sealing the tile, I intend to install my sink and use it. During painting, I'll just cover it. Bad news for me though, I have to cut the old drain off to install the new one because it can't be pulled through the hole since it was modified. I feel like I've stepped backwards here.

I've installed my light, though it will be taped for painting. It takes up vastly less wall space than the old one. I truly expected that I would have to do something like this:, but I instead just had to rotate the box in place and add a little piece of metal to interface between it and the light because the hole the light had for connecting to the box wasn't in the right spot to reach the hole on the box. Fun stuff. Unfortunately for me, I will have to adjust it slightly because my little piece of metal is visible and that's obviously not ideal. And no wonder the former 6-light monstrosity was shorting out; they used the connectors for copper wiring and should have been using the ones for aluminum with the special compound either already inside or the ones you add the compound to. I'm lucky there hasn't been a fire! I wonder if this is the problem with my fan light in my office, because the light portion doesn't work consistently. It's a hideous light, so I'll probably just replace it with something more modern in the coming months, but I am curious. I just stopped bothering to use the light and with the air conditioner, I don't need the fan right now.

Next up for the bathroom project is sealing the tile, then a lot of drywall repair and painting. I'm actually not fond of drywall work, but I didn't feel like tiling the whole room. It's a good thing though because grouting was not my favourite activity. It was messy. I have to wait three days before I can seal the tiles and grout. As I have to cut the old drain off the sink anyway, it's OK. Hopefully that doesn't take me three days. After all that, I will need to do flooring. Eventually, I'll also do something with the shower area in the room, which may be installing a tub surround over the weird light brown tile, and renewing the tub surface. There's a lot of work ahead yet, but even torn up it looks better than what was there before.

I have a lot of other work around the house I want to do at some point. Most of it can be broken into short projects like replacing one light, or redoing one wall. Someday, I'd like to redo the kitchen, but I don't know if I can do that without help and maybe I'll just want to pay someone for that.

Well, I think the home portion of this update has been covered.

I think I'm doing OK here. I've been making steady payments on my student loan while they gave us a break on interest because of Covid-19. I'm also regularly paying off my credit cards.

I made it out on my scooter for 30 minutes on Thursday. It was fun and a good workout. I'm looking forward to doing this more often. Only one day isn't ideal, but it's more than zero, so I'm calling it a small win. Plus I've been working really hard in my house and I think it counts to a degree.

1/7 days

I haven't missed a day!

7/7 days

I haven't practiced at all this week.

0/7 days

As I said, I haven't done much here. I've had ideas and written them down at least.

Sparks: 1/26 chapters edited
The Mockumentary: 15/120 pages written
Other: 30/30 minutes spent on other projects
Skills: 0/30 minutes spent on skills.

Well, all said, I feel like making progress on my bathroom is important, so I'm not too upset with myself over my writing progress this week. I do hope to improve on it next week though.


  1. Great job on the home repairs! It always feels like two steps forward and one back with those.

    1. And there is always another tool to buy!


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