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2023 - Week 36

This week I've made a bigger mess at home in order to get it in order. Breaking a few eggs and all that.

I relocated my headboard to my bedroom, so it's actually a headboard again. I was using it as an art shelf for my very large Doré print of Souvenir of Loch Lomand. It became my favourite after an enjoyable date at the National Gallery many years ago. I switched to a couple of large hooks once I figured out how high to put them on the wall. This reclaimed 11 inches of space between my TV and my daybed/couch, while making my bedroom feel more complete. It wasn't without a fight. The hooks come with the part that is screwed onto the wall flipped from how it needs to go on the wall. They also didn't come with enough screws to keep them in place correctly. I also had to get two new surge protectors that had flat plug heads on them or I wouldn't have been able to have my daybed couch against the wall. At least I found a deal on those, but talk about spending money I wish I didn't have to. I suppose I have spares now. Bright side yada yada.

But my print wouldn't sit at the right angle, so I had to work out a plan to make all that I did actually work out and I wasn't sure what that would be. I was only sure that I was super annoyed about it and also really tired after all of that. Like, can I please just have *something* go smoothly? I'm not trying to do anything abnormal here!

I know, first world problems for sure. 

Thankfully, I did find this weird bit of metal that I could use to keep it in place. 

I wasted no time getting my couch moved into position once the new surge protectors came. Then I watched some Sharp Objects as a reward? The show has some heaviness to it and may not be for you.

Trigger Warning

Sharp Object's main character practices self-harm via cutting and scarification.

Workwise, this week included training people on what I used to do. Hopefully, I won't have to get too involved in year end activities. Given that I always end up pulled back into it, I'm not expecting that I won't be involved. And there will be an opening in my department soon, so time will tell on how that shakes out.

On Wednesday, I had intended to go to a new dojo and ask about Tai Chi, but I realized that I didn't really want to go back to the martial arts world in a class setting at this time. I want more fitness in my life, but I don't want more things to schedule, another subscription fee, or more driving in my life. 

I've been getting more time to create lately and it has been such a long time since I felt as happy as I do. I feel like the best thing is to continue on my current path since it seems to be working for me. I think I may do some drop-in leisure swims at a nearby pool as they are very inexpensive and I can choose my time and days. If I'm not going more than once or twice a week, the cholorine shouldn't be overly problematic for my skin either. I'm planning to go during a time of day where it should be mostly adults. I read there are also women's swims, which I may prefer.

I've noticed that the skin on my face and neck has tightened up some after a summer of softball and working around the condo. My glutes, ankles, back muscles, and arms are also stronger. I'll be doing more in the fall with two curling leagues on the go and whatever else I do on the off days, so I expect I may see my pre-Covid body someday. Maybe I'll even get in better shape than that.

I have finally figured out a better way to use my living space and I’m excited to get to it in the coming weeks. My desk will be swapped with my keyboard. This will let me do crafting, writing, and gaming all in the same area of Tiny Condo. Then my music area will be semi-separate, but just on the other side of my desk.

Despite the struggle, I got Issue 3 of my newsletter, Rae's Record, out. I'm going to try to get it out sooner than I have been, but life has been a lot and I figure I have time. This issue includes some ways I'm using Scrivener's Outliner tool to level up my editing.

This coming week is packed full between working in-office, a curling meet, a softball makeup game, then softball playoffs. The following one will have a lot of recovery time, but I do plan to return to streaming during it.


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