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Funky Friday: Lions, Dragons, and Drumpf!

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It's Friday. We made it!

Plenty happened this week:

  1. Sad: A lion in the Ottawa-area was euthanized. He escaped from his enclosure and posed a threat to the community nearby. There was not enough time for a sedative to take effect and ensure the lion didn't eat a human. I hope they truly do learn from this and no animals are harmed in the future. Some are advocating for this zoo to close as the previous owners were neglectful and had the animals living in substandard conditions. Others are saying to give the new owners a chance.

  2. Awestruck: Congratulations, it's an... island! While California may be worried about sinking into the ocean, a volcano in Japan is creating new islands. Perhaps the world reconfigures itself at will and we just need to follow its lead?

  3. Fascinated: Dragon eggs! It never ceases to impress me how diverse this planet of ours is. A creature that can't see and can live for 10 years without food that looks like a wingless dragon. One can't win these from a stranger in a pub. They're found in caves and they're extremely sensitive to environmental changes.

  4. Skeptical: Drone saviour? A drone is being presented as a swimmer's rescue system. You can bet Jaws wouldn't let a pesky little chopper stop him from chomping away.

  5. Amused: John Oliver's take on Donald Trump. Drumpf! Hmmm drumpfs> trumpfs> troumpfs> stroumpfs> shtroumpfs> schtroumpfs... Maybe he really wants to be a smurf? Did Gargamel have terrible hair too?

  6. Confused: Apparently there's going to be a lunar eclipse later in March. This video barely relates to it, but I enjoy looking at the interpretations of stick figures in the sky, particularly Cancer. While I agree that I am tenacious, I don't agree that grouping of stars looks like either a crab nor a lobster. More like a sickly X.

  7. Motivated: As always, Chuck Wendig knows just what to say. NSFW! I will write despite a piece of my brain feeling like it has turned off. Who knows, maybe it will help? I should actually read one of his novels sometime.

  8. Disappointed: I recently purchased Liberte Goat Milk Yogurt. I was super excited as I can't ingest cow's milk right now. It's so salty it's just not edible. They say they're working on the problem. They should recall their product until they fix the issue. Yuck! I even tried adding vanilla and berries. Didn't help.

  9. Nostalgic: I received my copy of the Illustrated Edition of Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone this week. The artwork is bewitching. I haven't had a physical set in a few years as I had to move numerous times. I'm thoroughly pleased with my purchase and can't wait for the rest to come out. I totally carried it around as if it were a precious baby. My preciousssss...

  10. Pained: I had eye testing this week that checked my tear production. The test is called Schirmer's and it measures how much tears are produced over a 5 minute period. Anaesthetic drops were put in my eyes to numb them then these strips were placed under my bottom eyelid. After 5 minutes they were a little stuck. The drops made my eyes sting for 10 hours.

  11. Delayed: Pixie got upset at the cold and didn't want to start. She's okay now though.

  12. Tired: I noticed that I feel very tired after taking my multivitamin. Apparently it's probably because they have synthetic versions that are not bioavailable and force the liver to work very hard for not much gain. I'm going to try a different kind in the future.

  13. Blocked: I'm having trouble writing this short story for an anthology. I think I need to read some things for inspiration, but I don't know what to read.

  14. Hopeful: There's been some progress in the fight against cancerous tumours.

  15. Productive: I made a lot of progress on a sewing project this week. I'm making a rug for my living room. I might have finished if I didn't run out of black thread. I've also been tackling the mound of dishes that require hand-washing.

  16. Focused: Both iaido classes this week went well. I was given tips on what to focus on for improvements this year. Looks like I need to up my lower body workouts. I'm sure practicing my kicks for karate will help me with both arts. I'll pretend I'm doing a kick-a-thon. Tomorrow there will be a special iaido class with the other club in Ottawa and I'm looking forward to it.

  17. Experimental: I've tried a new format for my blog. One that lets me post regularly, but gives me the time I need to achieve my goals. I intend to leave weekends for writing stories and living life.

  18. Intrigued: On Saturday my former roller derby league goes up against the other Ottawa league. I can't wait to see what happens!

  19. Wowed: This week I learned about the Bajau Gypsies. They are people that live an aquatic lifestyle. Some have adapted to the pressures of deep sea diving without equipment.

  20. Excited: Tonight I'm putting my quad roller skates back on for the first time in at least a year. I used to play roller derby, but injured my neck and had to give it up.

Well it has been a packed week in my world and outside of it. Saturday is looking full too. Sunday will be recovery day and preparing for whatever next week has in store.




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