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Goals for ROW80 2021 Round 3

Three months worth of goals are below.

Bathroom (1-5 in early July)

Yes, the bathroom will still be a thing in my life for awhile longer, but I'm close to finishing the bulk of it. Those items that are making the rest of my home a mess. Well, not all of them. The tub surround for Phase two is hanging out in my living room behind my couch and it's quite an annoying thing to have this large cardboard box there, but it is less in the way than it was in my entrance way, so I'm calling it a temporary win and maybe I'll cover it with a blanket to pretend it's not a giant box behind my couch.

1. Finish plank wall
2. Install trim
3. Get and install corner shelves
4. Move furniture in
5. Celebrate the completion of Phase 1
6. Phase 2? (Depends on plumber)


I'm currently enrolled in a course to help improve my ability to research as an author as I feel like this is one of my weaker skills at this moment in my writing career. I want to learn the methods that help me get what I need for my stories.

1. Complete Understanding Research Methods course.


My main goal right now is to get rid of debt. I'm not doing terrible here, but I do have room to improve.

1. Pay off my student loan.
2. Get back to saving with my advisor. 


I intend to get streaming more on my Twitch channel. My short term goal is to get Affiliate status. I need a few more followers and more hours online to make that happen.

1. Pick 1 game to play on my Twitch stream that has an ending
2. Get all my systems hooked up
3. Test streaming from Xbox One


I want to be able to play songs in my vocal range. I also want to be able to play songs I enjoy and learn cool tricks like the one I learned the other day for D/DSUS4. It was such a small thing, but powerful.

1. Learn the chords for my band's first song
2. Complete Rock Levels 2 and 3 on Fender Play
3. Continue improving with Rocksmith 2014
4. Investigate vocal lesson.


I need to get some bigger maintenance items done in this room that have taken a backseat to the bathroom.

1. Install trim
2. Clean oven
3. Clean fridge

Living Room

It's time to get back to my general declutter efforts. My paper mess has to be gone through and purged. I also want to make my place nice so I can stream games on Twitch from my Xbox One.

1. Paper Declutter (10 sheets per day)
2. Clean streaming area
3. Finish the chaise.


Toward the end of Round 2, I was able to finally start reading more books and I'm loving it! I missed reading so much. As my home gets cleaner, I find I can relax more with books, TV, and games. I want to continue on this path as I feel it helps me reduce my stress levels.

1. 1 audible book each week (12 books total)
2. 1 other book every two weeks (6 books total)


My ultimate goal for skating this summer is to be able to do my first grind. 

1. 30 minutes a day (If raining, do Ring Fit or other indoor fitness)
2. Lose at least 5 lbs more (Target is 131 lbs for this round and 120 lbs overall)
3. Perform a Soul Grind.


With regard to Sparks, I'm hoping to get more done than this target, but I think this is an achievable goal to set without stressing myself too much.

1. Sparks: Edit 1 chapter each week minimum (12 chapters)
2. Blog: Once per week minimum (12 blog posts)


  1. Impressive set of goals! Good luck with them.

  2. Thanks Rui Chan! I've been a touch delayed between vaccination and my birthday, but I'm looking forward to getting things done :)


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