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ROW80 R2-2: Back At It!

For this round, I want to read more and write more. Those are two things I want to focus on. Unfortunately for some, it means I'm not going to be showing up to every event even if they stay online for the quarter. And they are certainly going to. Let's face it, I won't accomplish my goals if I keep sitting around on Facebook, Google Hangouts, or Zoom instead of working on my goals.

During the downtime, I wrote a children's book. I want to learn to draw, so I can finish it and do more in the series. I found it rejuvenating to write something short.

I've also found myself sucked into Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I have so many plans for my little island! I pretty much played it through the entire weekend, but it was good for the soul. I needed a break from work and everything else.

Things got a bit disordered while I awaited the construction of the museum!


I bought access to a drawing course and I'm going to aim to practice 30 minutes a day.


Canada Revenue Agency has moved the date for tax filing to June, so that is one less stressor. I'm not going to wait that long, but I don't have to rush to fit it in this month.


I was finally able to get my shut-off valves in place in my bathroom. I did it myself. Because it was the lowest point in my condo, there was more mess than usual and I was glad I had buckets and an old towel to catch water and the gross stuff in the drain. I'm actually sort of glad that I'll have to rebuild the drain because I have a P-trap that has an access on it for draining the grossness out more regularly. I've been gradually making some progress on it throughout the weeks.

I've started working on my filing. I think cleaning up the paper around my house will help a lot. I found my regular birth certificate while doing it. It will help with the taxes likely too.


I'm currently reading iD by Madeline Ashby.

4/20 Books


I'm enjoying my trumpet. I haven't got into playing every day, but I think I need to pick some songs to attempt to master.  I think I'm going to first try to learn everything in the one book I have that comes with a CD to play along to. Then I can follow the timing like I used to in music class or band. I've always been terrible at counting. I play better with someone else bringing me in.


I just want to touch on something here that I'm seeing a lot in screenwriting groups. That is the question about using "We" sentences. For example, early on in The Matrix it says, "We FOLLOW four armed POLICE officers using flashlights as they creep down the blackened hall and ready themselves on either side of room 303." A lot of people who are starting out want to use this form and don't understand why they shouldn't. 'We FOLLOW' is a camera direction, which is in the director's wheelhouse. If you're not the director, you shouldn't do it. It's also a turn off to a lot of people, so why cling to something that makes it harder to get someone to take you seriously? It's really not hard to infer the same thing in a different way. For example, "Four armed POLICE officers creep down the blackened hall with flashlights. They ready themselves on either side of room 303."

If you want to sell your work through a traditional channel, editors and producers have lists of no-nos that you need to care about. If you want to write for yourself and plan to do everything to bring it to market, then you can do whatever you want. That level of freedom can be to your own detriment though.

- Agent O: I wrote the first book. Next is to learn to draw the characters.
- Sparks: 77,117/80,000
- The Mockumentary: 14/120 pages

I hope everyone found a way to spend some time with their loved ones despite social distancing. Stay safe!

~ Rae


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