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Feeling My Age - ROW80 2020 R1-4

I've reached the age where my body has decided to have issues. Not constantly, but frequently. Sprinting for a bus can leave me with an injured ankle simply from using it, not from actually twisting it in ways it shouldn't move, just a fairly normal activity. I guess I need to warmup and stretch before walking to the bus now. About a decade ago, I was given a guard for my teeth due to grinding. And for the next month, I need to sleep with wrist braces because my doctor thinks I'm developing carpal tunnel. Really, I'm surprised it hasn't happened before now given my level of computer use. My mom had it years ago and had to have surgery. From reading books of all things. Anyway, he thinks if I sleep with braces on that it may be enough to keep it at bay because the nerves will get 7-8 hours of rest. After 4 days and nights, the tingling has been reducing, so I'm hopeful.

"Your body is like an elastic." -Georges St. Pierre

I recently stocked up on healthy foods. Am I the only one who immediately thinks of salmon when they think of healthy eating? The thing is that I'm not particularly fond of salmon. Unless it's sushi. Alas, I bought some anyway to eat after working out. It was responsibly sourced and farmed. I didn't know those two things could go together. And I found a recipe involving lime, honey (I used fake maple syrup), butter (I used Vegan Becel), salt, and pepper. I actually enjoyed it. Twice! I finally found a way to eat salmon. I put together a meal plan. Actually, I mostly used the Rushfit suggestions for this week plus a few from The Keto Diet book I saw on a newstand. Many keto items go well with a gluten free diet and I can tweak things for dairy free where I need to. Between the two, I think I'll be eating similar to how I did when I played roller derby.

And because I had a gift card to use, I was able to get myself some new kitchen knives, which I desperately needed as all mine have been breaking down lately. This is helping with food prep enormously.

I'm easing into working out rather than over-exerting myself. I don't want to be so sore that I can't do iaido. Or so sore that I just give up. No thanks. I'm more interested in starting and creating a habit. My planner focus for this week was to just show up. I figured I should just be kind to myself right now.


At weigh in this week, I found I had lost nearly 1.5 lbs. It's not much, but it's a start.


I haven't spent any time on this at home yet and the last two classes have been cancelled. We had a bad case of freezing rain two Sundays ago and today we're all dealing with the fallout from the first snowstorm of the year. I'm feeling fortunate that the snow remover took mine away after I dug out my car and moved it!


I'm not going to do this kind of report every week. It takes too long. I really like the cardio days. I may just do those and see how it goes. Martial arts gives me the rest generally. When it's not cancelled.

Day 1 - Made it to the end of round 1 on Strength & Endurance. It made me sweat.
Day 2 - Cardio Day. Tried Kenpo from P90X and didn't break a sweat. I also felt like it was someone's idea of martial arts, but they had never actually done martial arts. Tried some dance workout on YouTube and it didn't work for me either. Put on some dance music and went freestyle and was sweating during song 1. And it was fun!
Day 3 - Ugh, abs. I didn't get very far. I hate floor exercises these days. Too many sore spots.
Day 4 - More dancing. Yay! It's fun and actually makes me sweat.
Day 5 - Due to a boat load of snow in the forecast, general dehydration, and a busy weekend, I didn't make this one. I did discover a place I could just dance off my extra pounds though. It's drop-in and I could come and go as my schedule allows.
Day 6 - I spent about 3 hours shopping and was exhausted.
Day 7 - I'd say I rested like a boss, but I had to dig my car out of the snow.


I changed the way I do my chore tracking. Now I focus on rooms and not on specific chores. I just do what I can in the room on the day and know I'll be able to do more the next week. This is working must better for me. It's a looser plan based on what I see that day in the room.

I have a little portable clothes washer coming. I'm hoping it helps me keep up on my laundry because I'll not have to fight for machines.


I'm taking a break because the course I'm studying isn't working right and because of my wrist situation.


I started trying to learn crochet again. It didn't go well and I decided to stick to knitting. This let me get rid of a couple items.

Planning is going well and a friend gave me some pages to try out as some of the ones that came with mine aren't my favourite. A number of them are really cute and I've made some trackers with them. A couple required trimming to fit.


How did I ever get 5-10 pages written in a week on a screenplay before? Oh. Right. I wasn't working while I did school...

I have been making some steady progress on my novel this week despite being exhausted for much of it. Less than 5,000 words away from my goal!

Sparks: 75,459/80,000 words
The Mockumentary: 12/120 pages


  1. That is quite the list of goals and accomplishments. I'm jealous of how hard you are working on being healthy, balancing diet and exercise. I had to look up Iaido and I must admit, it sounds fascinating. Probably not realistic for me though. I'll stick to my morning Yoga and evening aerobics. Can't say much for my diet though.

    Hang in there. And best wishes with everything.

  2. Looks like you've been very active this week!


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