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Can-Con 2022 - Days 2 and 3

Saturday was packed full of panels and visits to the Dealer's Room to buy books and see friends who had tables. After attending Can-Con, I feel like there is so much I want and need to fix with my novel before it goes out. But now I have a good idea what's wrong and what I want to do to fix it. I'm so thankful we could have Can-Con this year! 

Here is a list of all of the panels I attended throughout the convention and the panelists who spoke:

Friday, October 14th

1. Making the Most Out of Short-Term Travel

- Christian Baines
- Kofi Oduro
- Melissa Yuan-Innes
- Kelly Robson

2. Jumping Into Volcanoes and Other Insane Ways to Write What You Know

- Mark Robinson

3. Writing What Scares You

- Christian Baines
- Megan M. Davies-Ostrom
- Matt Moore
- Nina Nesseth

Saturday, October 15th

1. What Are We Writing For?

- Brandon Crilly
- Suzan Palumbo
- Arley Sorg
- Sienna Tristen

2. Life Beyond Us: Exploring Astrobiology with Science Fiction

- Julie E. Czernada
- Eric Choi
- Rich Larson
- Susan Forest

3. The Multiverse: What Is It, What Do I Do With It, and Am I Already Doing It?

- A.A. Jankiewicz
- Kari Maaren
- Ira Nayman
- James Alan Gardner

3. Marginalized and Dangerous

- Arley Sorg
- Avi Silver
- Terese Mason Pierre
- Ada Hoffman

4. The Terror of the Second Book

- Suyi Davies Okungbowa
- Carolyn Charron
- Sylvain Neuvel
- Alyx Dellamonica

5. Marketing: Lessons from the Indie Scene

- Nathan Frechette
- Renee Gendron
- Leo Valiquette
- Linda Poitevin (absent, but provided some notes)

6. The Lure of the New Gothic

- Suzan Palumbo
- Carolyne Topdjian
- Elizabeth Hirst

Sunday, October 16th

1. Renaissance Press Launch Party

- Nathan Frechette
- S.M. Carriere
- Elizabeth Hirst
- Evan May (absent, but Nathan read from Evan's new novel)

2. Homemade is Fine: The Use and Making of Niche Genre Terms

- Kofi Oduro
- S.M. Carriere
- Su J. Sokol
- Sienna Tristen

3. Your Corpse Is So Exquisite

- Melissa Yuan-Innes
- Kelly Robson
- Matt Moore
- David Demchuk

4. Indie Publishers: Kicking Ass in 2022

- E.D.E. Bell - Atthis Arts
- Nathan Frechette - Renaissance Press
- Selena Middleton - Stelliform Press
- Ashley Hisson - Wolsak & Wynn

Virtual Track

1. New Queer Extremities in Horror

- Paula D. Ashe
- Gretchen Felker-Martin
- Eric LaRocca
- David Demchuk

2. The Horror of Time Loops

- Sean Dowie
- Eric Desmarais
- Gigi Ganguly
- Ren Hutchings

I will be continuing with the virtual panels as long as they are available. There are a few others I'm interested in getting to before the end of the month.



- My new plan is just to work on paying as much as possible down before March, which is when the remainder of my bathroom reno costs will hit my line of credit. Some good news is that with the new Scene+ option of redeeming for cash, I was able to pay off one credit card faster. I was also given the option of a limit increase on that one, so I've taken that in order to cancel one I don't like using.


- Rowing 2x weekly: I plan to ease myself back into activity tomorrow.
- Moving (walking/dancing/curling/cleaning) 4x weekly: Post Covid, walking at the convention made my right calf muscle quite angry.


- Sell items*: This was halted during Covid and I may take the rest of October just for spooky things.
- Set up reading nook*: The base is in place and so is the mattress. I need a sheet to cover it.
- Set up daybed in the living room: This has been accomplished. Because of my Scene+ redemption, I was able to order the mattress and its coverings much sooner!
- Clean condo: In progress. I'm catching up on laundry after having Covid.


- Practise
- Learn at least one song*: I've chosen a song to focus on. I'm not sure I'll be able to sing. I'm still having some drainage and occasional coughing after Covid.

Twitch Update

- Continue working towards Affiliate: On the 29th, I'll be taking part in Dinosaur Streamfest 13 at 7:30 PM EDT. Streamfest 13 kicks off at 9:00 AM EDT with Danielle Allard. It's a full day of streamers supporting each other and includes a variety of content like gaming, music, cooking, art, and crafting.


- edit Chapter 14 (Sparker)
- edit Chapter 15 (Sparker)
- continue working on Popcorn Girl

Please check out my digital to-do list:


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