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Scheduling Challenges

I've been meaning to post for awhile, but I was sick for a bit and the fatigue was quite unbearable. Following that, I've had difficulty sleeping full nights or falling asleep at all. I think part of it is that I'm just really excited about my life right now in a way that I haven't been for a very long time. 

Scheduling is a constant rework for me. Why? Because life throws curveballs and my goals change as I learn more about themselves, the world, and what fits. The last time I reworked my schedule I did something different; I looked at what I was already doing fairly consistently. Then I looked at what times couldn't be consistent. This let me choose the best days and times for streaming on Twitch and I could already stick to much of the schedule because it was mostly what I was already doing.  

I've had to tweak my exercise time due to the hot weather. As Ella Fitzgerald sang, "It's too darn hot!" I lost a week because it was up around 40C at the times I had marked, which is far too hot for me. It was even too hot to exercise indoors on some of those days with air conditioning. It's a bit more challenging with Sjogren's Syndrome because I'm more heat sensitive than most people. I tried anyway, but strongly felt like vomiting. That's while hydrating with sips as chugging water while exercising can also produce nausea. Fun stuff.

So a couple of Mondays ago I started doing my walk before work. I was hoping to keep that up, but got sick. I felt more productive after having the walk. And I had a smile on my face during my whole walk as I listened to the Girls on Jane podcast by Zara Barrie. It was delightfully gay. And I even had a monarch butterfly follow me for part of the way. Sadly, I wasn't quick enough to snap a photo of it.


I decluttered my car a couple of weekends ago. At least the main areas in case I have passengers. It could use a good vacuum, but there is plenty of space now. I'm going to just focus on small areas while trying to get the bigger items gone. It's not an overly detailed plan, but it's something.

Goal 1: Put items up on marketplace. [Moved to August]

Goal 2: Plan next steps in the declutter. [Done]


I can't remember if I mentioned this, but I got the official notice from the NSLC that my student loan is paid off. So I've started paying more aggressively on my other debts. I need to get as much as I can paid on my line of credit before March because my interest free bathroom loan will go onto it then. 

Goal 1: Get the tires changed/stored and the calipers handled on my car. [July - PARTIALLY DONE]

Goal 2: Book an appointment with my advisor to see if there is something I can do like take a small amount of my RRSP to wipe it all out, then get promptly back to contributing. [August]


Due to the hot weather, I took an extension on the Paris challenge. I wasn't going to make it as I was only 50% of the way through. This will push back the LotR challenge to September. I'm saving for both it and a lower end rowing machine. But my toe seems to be a bit angry again. I don't know how it happened. It seemed all better and I haven't hit it or dropped anything on it that I can recall. I might want to see the doctor about it because I can't be having this continually happen or it'll be really hard to lose weight and get back to being fit.

Goal 1: Finish the Paris challenge. [Moved to August]

Goal 2: Sign up for the LotR challenge. [August]

Goal 3: Purchase a rowing machine that folds up. [September]


Not only did I add more lyrics to my first song, I played around in the key of A minor and have something I like though I don't know that it's in its final anything. I'm really excited to get some actual recording equipment. For now, I'm just using my phone to capture the rough notes and rhythms, so I don't forget it. I will put it into some sheet music to figure out where it needs cleaning up as well. I can't wait to start adding to it as I plan to add some rhythm guitar with the keytar. I also have vocals to do and some other bits I want in it. I took a songwriting course ages ago and I'm so happy to finally be working on it!

Goal 1: Continue researching the genre [July-September]

Goal 2: Come up with a practice routine. [August]

Twitch Update

Nothing to report as I'm just continuing to stream and hoping to get what I need for Affiliate. I'm likely going to change my bot to what a friend is using if I can figure out how.

Goal 1: Update the about list with your commands [July - DONE]

Goal 2: Get to Affiliate [July]

Goal 3: Install origami holder [July - DONE]


On the novel, I looked at it again last weekend, but didn't do much with it. On Popcorn Girl, I added some more lyrics.

Goal 1: Add music to Popcorn Girl [July]

Goal 2: Edit 3+ chapters of Sparker [July-September]

Please check out my digital to-do list:


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