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When September Ends...

... I get excited because October is my favourite month of the year. I'm a goth and have been since the 90s. 

I'm struggling with one of my costume items. It looked so good on the site. Hopefully, I can get it to look good on me too. My first attempt didn't go well. I'll keep at it.

My main writing update is that I made it through Chapter 5 and I'm really happy with it. And now I'm stuck on Chapter 6. This book has a futuristic view mixed with magic and some things are quite challenging to invent or reinvent, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the process despite occasionally wanting to rip my hair out. Every tweak has ripple effects across the rest of the story, so it's important to take my time. 

A new round is already here and I need to set some goals. For the bulk of the final round of 2021, my plan is my current novel, but November is NaNoWriMo and I haven't decided if I will participate or not. I've set myself up with a schedule. For 3 days each week, I have set aside writing time. Also for 3 days each week, I've set aside time for guitar.

Current Standings

1. Bathroom Reno - 93%
2. Twitch Gaming - 60% (More testing is needed)
3. Guitar (Rock Level 3) - 6%
4. Kitchen - 0%
5. Living Room (Paper Declutter) - 19%
6. Reading - 50%
7. Fitness - 5lbs lost
8. Sparks - 19% edited
9. Blog - 40%

R4 Goals

1. Bathroom Reno - 100% [High Priority]

- Get in touch with the plumber rather than his apprentice for a quote and a schedule.

2. Twitch Gaming - 100% [Low Priority]

- Figure out what game to play and what time/day to play it.

3. Learn GIMP. [Mid Priority]

4. Guitar [Mid Priority]

- Complete Fender Play Rock Level 3.
- Complete Fender Play Punk Rock Mini Course.
- Learn songs I like in Rocksmith's learn mode.

5. Kitchen [High Priority]

- Finish catching up on dishes.
- Install trim.
- Clean fridge.
- Clean oven.

6. Paper Declutter [Mid Priority]

- Approximately 600 sheets to either purge or file for this round.

7. Fitness [High Priority]

- 19 lbs to go.
- Exercise at least 3 times per week.

8. Reading [Mid Priority]

- Get at least 3 more books read.

9. Sparks [High Priority]

- Get at least to half way edited.

10. Blog [Mid Priority]

- Continue to blog at least once per week.


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