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Shiny - ROW80 R1-19

I meant to post this sometime last week, but life has been hectic. My work day today was filled with people constantly coming to me for things all while I tried to get 2 tasks done as part of year end prep. They shouldn't have taken me all day to do and normally wouldn't, but I was interrupted about once every 15 minutes. Anyway, without further ado here is the post planned for last Wednesday with some updates as of today:

It is so hard to stick to the project you want to focus on.

On Monday, I had no trouble. I edited Chapter 8. There's probably some way to make it better, but it's the best I can currently do, so I'm happy with it. My word count increased.

Tuesday rolled around and all I could think about was another project. It is one I haven't really started per se. A project I've been more in research mode for. Well, my brain said it would be better if I cut most of it and expanded it in a different way. So I wrote some notes for it and did some word association. Ultimately, I feel like it is going in a better direction now, but why did I have to have the ideas assault me on Tuesday when I wanted to be working on Sparks? Why can't my brain just let me get the last 2,900 words to meet the minimum word count I'm aiming for without shiny things stopping me along the way?

On Wednesday, I started editing Chapter 9.

Thursday brought no writing other than a good chunk of this blog post that I didn't get finished until Sunday. (That's right, it was done and I never got to posting it).

Friday was a good writing day, but I had an epiphany on how to make Sparks better. I had been struggling for a while as something wasn't gelling about it. It felt like it needed something fresher going on with the story. The genre and setting have been tweaked and I feel like things are flowing better now. Of course, this means more tweaks to the first 9 chapters, but I really like where I'm going with it now.

Saturday was a catch up day on other things followed by a night out where I got to badly play some piano. It was fun, but made me really miss trumpet. Learning bass clef is hard for me and I often just want to run back to my original instrument and just get really good with it. I have a stealth mute, so I can play it in my condo without driving the neighbours crazy...

I actually made it to martial arts on Sunday. I used my wooden sword to help me ease back into practicing regularly. My arms were sore on Monday, but not so sore I couldn't use them for cooking and such.


I've been practicing kata at home. I find myself wondering how I ever got through 2 hour classes. Mind you, I guess we have breaks where we talk about theory and such usually.


Still catching up, but improving a little each day despite long hours at work. I meant to do more last Tuesday, but I needed groceries and it was my Dad's birthday, so I gave him a call instead. I have had an ongoing battle with laundry that I think partly stemmed from having the type of hamper with 3 sections. It is intended for sorting, but I stopped bothering with that recently. I think it just encouraged me to keep more dirty clothing around instead of washing more regularly, so I have replaced it with something more reasonably sized for me. Hopefully, this will be a good change. It takes up so much less room in my bedroom now. I also got one with wheels, so I don't have to transfer dirty items into another container to bring down to the laundry room anymore. The last one actually had wheels, but they were small and got stuck on the elevator gap.


In terms of Piano, I'm currently working on Lean on Me. I seriously debated skipping Tuesday, but even 5 minutes is better than no minutes. This week has been light on the practice though I did research stuff like what scales to learn in which order. I think I can probably use that information regardless of whether I try to stick with piano or return to my trumpet. I have also learned that there are several metal bands using trumpet and I need to check them out.


So I'm in limbo in terms of a family doctor. Mine is moving. The practice I'm with is waiting for a couple new ones to start and hopefully by spring it will be sorted out. It could be longer though. My dentist wants me to go for a sleep test. Maybe I'll see if she can send me. I'm not getting enough sleep lately and I'm definitely feeling it. I managed to make myself some better meals full of veggies at least and that has helped me feel better. I finished reading Tell No One by Harlan Coben and have started reading Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer.


I wrote some! Yay me!

Sparks: 77,075/80,000 words
The Mockumentary: 12/120 pages

Until we meet again,


  1. I get those kinds of interruptions at work. Sometimes I make up a 'meeting' to go to and go take over a room to get work done without interruptions. If anyone knocks I'm on a phone call meeting :P

    Other than that looks like a reasonable week, and great job on the writing!


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