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Coping - ROW80 R1-21

I've struggled so much with figuring out what to say about this COVID-19 situation.

First off, I think we can all agree that it's a truth-is-stranger-than-fiction scenario we're in. Who would predict one person would eat a bat across the world and cause all it has caused?

But here's the thing, we're being asked to stay home and watch TV or read. Go for a walk away from other people. Play with our pets, play board games, dance in our living rooms, play video games, play instruments, etc

This isn't like the holocaust. It's not like The Walking Dead. It could be a lot worse.

So how am I getting through this? Well, I'm doing things like spring cleaning. I'm folding my clean laundry and putting it away. I'm reading books. I'm watching Netflix. I'm staying in touch with my friends and family via Facebook and my phone. I had a Netflix Party with friends on Wednesday. And I'm watching concert live-streams like the one the Dropkick Murphys put on for St. Paddy's Day.

It may be sad to say, but I like these live-stream concerts because I don't have to worry about someone slipping something into my drinks.

What are other people doing?

Kids in my community posted shamrocks in their windows for other kids to count while walking with their families. It was a way to socially distance, but know they're still part of a community.

People in Italy are opening their windows to play music together. They're also dog sharing to be able to walk outside and exhausting the pets, so that's not good.

The Brass Monkey is planning to live-stream concerts with no crowds that people can pay a cover fee to watch from home. Those start on Saturday, March 21, 2020.

I've been working from home since last Friday. I usually work from home on Mondays and whenever I have appointments or some other need like a delivery or a contractor coming. I'm just doing it a bit more than usual.

I truly believe we'll get through this. And it'll be sooner if we all stay home as much as possible, so it can't spread.


This is definitely sucking right now and I need to do better. I've only been doing the little bits of walking needed to take the garbage out, do laundry, and do the dishes.

I need to continue martial arts. Maybe I'll swing my wooden weapons about in the parking lot if it gets a little warmer. I'm lucky in that I can swing it inside without hitting the ceiling because I'm petite.


I am working on my bathroom while this is going on. It's a good distraction and something that will make me less stressed out once things return to normal as well. I had to kibosh my original door as it just wasn't working and was cracking my drywall. I now have a closet style bi-fold door. I have to alter the opening a bit as the door is slightly smaller. I'm going to eventually get a strip of wood and try to make it look nice. There is no rush on that. The actual plumbing is far more important. I also have dry-walling, tile work, and such to do. Eventually, I plan to attempt to move the light box over as I really don't like the existing light fixture in there. Speaking of the plumbing, I'm trying to get access to the room my water main is in, but the office keys didn't work.

I have a feeling, and a hope, that my home will get fairly clean because of this.


I picked my trumpet back up. I couldn't play too long because I couldn't find my valve oil, but I decided it is my instrument and it's time I got back to it. I've always loved it. And I discovered a number of metal bands use non-traditional instruments like trumpet in them, so screw anyone who thinks I can't play metal on trumpet! Actually, only one person in my past thought the trumpet could only be used how they are traditionally.

The first notes were pretty shaky and my lips were tickled as I played. It took a minute, but I got over that. I can just play the treble line on any of my piano music and also use the trumpet books I have. My little piano keyboard is still useful for working out rhythms and tuning my trumpet.

A friend and I voyaged out the evening before the work from home message came out and I got some valve oil.


This is paramount right now and it's not just about the regular things like sleep, but it can be a good time to make a change that brings a smile to one's face. I took the plunge and bleached my hair on Saturday in preparation to later colour it. I had no idea if it would turn out as things didn't go exactly as I planned. Though I had sectioned my hair and been doing it in small strips, it turned out that there wasn't much bleach coming out of the bottle, so I had to go over everything again and had no guarantee that I hadn't missed anything. The wait to find out was agonizing!

The result is bleached roots with slightly bleached tips and sections, but it looks OK now that it's pink! I plan to get a professional do the bleaching in the future.


It's a scary world out there right now. As writers, we often make up stories like the one we're all living right now. Usually there is more logic to it. I think many thought that lesson was already learned with SARS, but apparently not. Anyway, I just want to take this moment to say that I hope you all stay safe where ever you are reading my blog from.

Also, I don't think it's helpful to shame people for stocking up on necessities. Many people I saw were buying a normal amount of items as they do before a holiday. Not everyone has been panic buying. And even some who bought unusual amounts may have a good reason. A couple of weeks ago, I saw a father and son buying a cart full of knives, bowls, and cutlery. It seemed strange. They explained to the cashier they had just bought a hotel. That women buying a ridiculous amount of sugar? She might be needing to bake a lot over March break. And even some of those people buying a tonne of toilet paper may have a good reason. Perhaps they own a bed-and-breakfast or AirBnB location. We're only seeing these people for a brief snapshot and don't know what is going on in their lives at the moment.

And it's OK to be afraid. Many of us have loved ones who are at risk. I have friends with immune-compromised children. My bosses, who are some of the best I've ever had, are older men. My parents are seniors. And I have friends who are being laid off for now. Hopefully, we'll all come out of it stronger.

Sparks: 77,075/80,000 words
The Mockumentary: 12/120 pages


  1. I keep thinking that this whole experience should be fodder for some stories, but I can't tear myself away from all the internet stories out there. Today's goal is going to be to start a journal of the pandemic. I told my daughter that someday, when all us old-timers have passed away and the younger generation is as clueless as many millennials today, she can say she survived COVID19 and share my journal - if I write it, that is.

    Best wishes on getting through this.

    1. It no longer seems to have come from eating a bat and may not be bat-related at all. I hope your journal has been going well and you're keeping safe. I'm a xennial and not knowing things frustrates me. I did things like canning with my mom when I was younger, but not enough to know how to do it. I can do a lot of other technical tasks from watching my father build decks, sheds, and furniture at least. I feel like my other survival skills need improvement and perhaps that will be a new direction for me. First up, keeping squirrels away from the balcony garden I'm working on...


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